Special Session on Interdisciplinary Linguistics for Biomedicine and Health

There has also been an increasing interest in applying cognitive models to medicine and biomedicine. Biomedical Linguistics specialists may, for instance, provide computational linguistics and natural language processing support in order to increase the accuracy of the medical data produced, or are involved in medical image analysis, with particular attention given to the semantic contents of the data analysed.

Biolinguistics can be defined as an academic discipline which explores our faculty of language as a uniquely human biological trait, investigating its properties in search of a deeper understanding of the human mind/brain and, ultimately, of human nature itself.

This is a call for papers to be presented in a special session of ACBIT 2013, directed mainly at, but not restricted to, interdisciplinary linguists conducting research in:

- Biomedical linguistics

- Linguistic issues in biomedical sciences

- Computational linguistics with biological and biomedical applications

- Biomedical text mining

- Biomedical and health linguistics


Authors are invited to submit papers by email to the Organizer of this Special Session:  

Anna Danielewicz-Betz

Centre for Language Research, University of Aizu, Japan

E-mail: abetz@u-aizu.ac.jp


Paper Submission due: May 24, 2013  June 01, 2013

Notification of Decision:  May 31, 2013 June 15, 2013

Camera-Ready Paper Submission: June 15, 2013 June 30, 2013