CIT2007 Program Paper List



Technical Sessions A: Database and Data Mining

Session A-1: XML and DB


Active XML Schema Containment Checking based on Tree Automata Theory

Haitao Ma and Zhongxiao Hao


An Efficient Detection of Conflicting Updates in Valid XML

Changwoo Byun, Ilkook Yun, and Seog Park


A Journey towards More Efficient Processing of XML Data in (O)RDBMS

Irena Mlynkova


Schema-aware Keyword Search over XML Streams

Weidong Yang and Baile Shi


SemFilter: A Simple and Efficient Semantic Filtering of XML Messages

Jaehoon Kim and Seog Park


Session A-2: Classification


Ensembles of Region Based Classifiers

Sungha Choi, Byungwoo Lee, and Jihoon Yang


Neural Network for Text Classification Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Cheng Hua Li and Soon Cheol Park


An Efficient Method of Genetic Algorithm for Text Clustering Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Wei Song and Soon Cheol Park


Predicting Coronary Artery Disease from Heart Rate Variability using Classification and Statistical Analysis

Heon Gyu Lee, Ki Yong Noh, Hong Kyu Park, and Keun Ho Ryu


Session A-3: Imprecise Data and Feature Selection


Deputy Mechanism for OLAP over Imprecise Data and Composite Measure

Junqiang Liu and Xiandi Yang


CTU-Mine: An Efficient High Utility Itemset Mining Algorithm Using the Pattern Growth Approach

Alva Erwin, Raj P. Gopalan, and N.R. Achuthan


An Experimental Study on Feature Subset Selection Methods

Chulmin Yun, Donghyuk Shin, Hyunsung Jo, Jihoon Yang, and Saejoon Kim


Comparison of two feature selection methods in Intrusion Detection Systems

Mohammad Javad Fadaeieslam, Behrooz Minaei, Mahmood Fathi, and Mohsen Soryani


Session A-4: Novel Information Processing


Generic Component: A Generic Programming Approach

Chen Yewang, Zhao Wenyun, and Peng Xin


Virtual Organization: A New Approach in IT

Mohammad Reza Nami and Djamshid Tavangarian


Effective Processing over Continuous Data Stream

Misook Bae


Classification Algorithm Based on Human Social Behavior

Arit Thammano and Jittraporn Moolwong


A New Trajectory Search Algorithm Based on Spatio-temporal Similarity on Spatial Network

Jae-Woo Chang, Rabindra Bista, Ji-Hee Kim, and Young-Chang Kim


An Efficient Method to Determine the Diagonal Loading Factor for PAM Communication System

Wenlong Liu and Shuxue Ding


Session A-5: Intelligent Systems in Data Handling I


Dealing with Query Contention Issue in Real-time Data Warehouses by Dynamic Multi-level Caches

Ziyu Lin, Dongqing Yang, Guojie Song, and Tengjiao Wang


The Bump Hunting Method and Its Accuracy Using the Genetic Algorithm with Application to Real Customer Data

H. Hirose, T. Yukizane, and T. Deguchi


User-oriented Materialized View Selection

Ziyu Lin, Dongqing Yang, and Tengjiao Wang


Session A-6: Intelligent Systems in Data Handling II


Implementation of the moonquake database

Junya Terazono


Walking Stability by Age — A Feature Analysis Based on a Fourteen-Linkage Model

Bofeng Zhang, Takehiro Kanno, Wenxi Chen, Gengfeng Wu, and Daming Wei


A Temporal Meta Database System for 3D Objects

Vo Thi Ngoc Chau and Suphamit Chittayasothorn


An Efficient Goalie Strategy Using Twin Hidden Markov Models

T. Srinivasan, Srikanth P. Srinivasan, Shravan Kumar Alur, and Pravin Chandrasekaran


A Mechanism for Improving Web Server Performance using Fuzzy Concept

Bumjoo Park, Kiejin Park, Dongmin Shin, and Sungsoo Kim



Technical Sessions B: Internet and Web Application

Session B-1: Internet and Web Performance


Performance Evaluation of TD-Learning Methods for Bandwidth Provisioning

Mohsen Jahanshahi and Mohammad Reza Meybodi


A Parallel Downloading Algorithm for Redundant Networks

Ke Li, Wanlei Zhou, and Shui Yu


Session B-2: Web Analysis


Web Image Annotation based on the Decision Rules Inferred by the Statistical Analysis of Web Pages

Park Joohyoun, Giseok Choi, Jongwon Lee and Nang Jongho


Semantic Retrieval of Text Documents

Vitaly Klyuev and Vladimir Oleshchuk


Worrisome Rich-get-richer? Not The True Story!

Mingda Wu, Qiancheng Jiang, and Yan Zhang


Component based Approach to handle Synonym and Polysemy in Folksonomy

Sun-Sook Lee and Hwan-Seung Yong


Session B-3: Web Services and Applications I


Automatic Web Services Composition Using Combining HTN and CSP

Incheon Paik and Daisuke Maruyama


Dynamic Personalization for Book Recommendation System using Web Services and Virtual Library Enhancements

Takanori Kuroiwa and Subhash Bhalla


Web-Based Interface Architecture for the Improvement of Accessibility to Computational Resources on a Cluster System

Huioon Kim, Kyungwon Chun, Kil Su Jung, and Youngjoo Chung


A Multi-Clustering Hybrid Recommender System

Sutheera Puntheeranurak and Hidekazu Tsuji



Session B-4: Semantic Web


Proof for Multi-Agent Communication of Semantic Web Information

Vuong Xuan Tran and Hidekazu Tsuji


Semantic Web Based Simulation Service Customization and Composition

Tong Zhang, Yun-sheng Liu, and Ya-bing Zha


Semantic Representation and Ontology Construction in the Question Answering System

Ying-Hong Wang, Wen-Nan Wang, and Yi-Hsiang Yen


Semantic Information System based on Web Service and Ontology for Grid Computing Environment

Tae-nyon Kim and Chang-Sung Jeong


Session B-5: Web Services and Applications II


A Semi-automated Negotiation Process to Improve the Usability for Online Marketplaces

Lung Ngai, Phil Mak, Wan-Cheng Ni, and Lian-Chen Liu


SiteRank-Based Crawling Ordering Strategy for Search Engines

Qiancheng Jiang and Yan Zhang


Preserving Consistency Based on Wall-Time Precedence in P2P DVEs

Gao Liping and Gu Ning


Speech and Song Search on the Web: System Design and Implementation

Yuichi Yaguchi, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Keitaro Naruse, and Ryuichi Oka



Technical Sessions C: High Performance Computing

Session C-1: Task and Resource Management


Web Service-based Dynamic Resource and Job Managements for Large-scale and Long-time Grid Computations

Yingwen Song, Yoshio Tanaka, Hiroshi Takemiya, and Satoshi Sekiguchi


Building single fault survivable parallel algorithms for matrix operations using redundant parallel computation

Yunfei Du, Panfeng Wang, Hongyi Fu, Haifang Zhou, and Xuejun Yang


A Job Management System for a Large Scale Grid System

Yong Woo Lee and Phil Doo Hong


Session C-2: HPC Application


Load balanced Parallel Prime Number Generator with Sieve of Eratosthenes on Cluster Computers
Soonwook Hwang
, Kyusik Chung and Dongseung Kim


Evaluating the Performance of Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines on a Torus Array Processor

Ahmed Zekri and Stanislav Sedukhin


Evolutionary Programming with Operator Adaptation

Yong Liu


An Integer Partition Based Algorithm for Coalition Structure Generation

Veera Boonjing and Santit Narabin


Visualization of Message Races in MPI Parallel Programs

Mi-Young Park, Yong-Kee Jun, and Hyuk-Ro Park


Session C-3: Systems and Architecture


Design of Modular Rendering Pipeline

Tomas Agoston, Csaba Csuprai, Juraj Onderik, and Roman Durikovic


A Reliable Data Management Method for Parallel File System

Yanmei Huo, Liang Hu, Kexin Yang, and Jiubin Ju


Dedicated Disk I/O Strategies for IPTV Live Streaming Servers Supporting Timeshift Functions

Cheng Huang, Chenjie Zhu, Yi Li, and Dejian Ye


Implementation and Evaluation of Specific Data-Intensive Scientific Applications on the FT64 Stream Processor

Yu Deng, Xuejun Yang, Xiaobo Yan, Ying Zhang, and Jing Du


A Cluster File System for High Data Availability using Locality-Aware Partial Replication

Jinseok Kim, Sangman Sim, and Sungyong Park


A Performance Evaluation Methodology in Virtual Environments

Jiyong Jang, Saeyoung Han, Jinseok Kim, Sungyong Park, Seungjo Bae, and Youngchoon Woo



Technical Sessions D: Networking and Mobile Computing


Session D-1: QoS and Mobile Protocol


Challenge in QoS Supporting via Integrating Differentiated Service and Multipath Routing on Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

Mostafa Esmaeili, Hamid Alipour, Maghsoud Abbaspour, and Mahshid Rahnama


Security and QoS Optimization for Distributed Real time Environment

Ahmad Jalal and Mian Ahmad Zeb


An Enhanced Dynamic and Distributed Domain-Based Handoff Scheme for Mobile IPv6

Xuebin Ma, Tao Wen, Quan Guo, and Gang Wang


Session D-2: Protocols and Algorithms I


Modeling and Simulating IPv6 Mobility

Xu Lei, YongSoo Kim, and Richard Lai


Stochastic Model of Finite Buffer Priority Queuing System with Multi-Type Batch Arrival and General Rejection

Attila Kőrösi, Balázs Székely, and Csaba Lukovszki


Fast Recovery from Hidden Node Collision for IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPANs

Shengzhi Zhang and Sang-Jo Yoo


Word Indexing for Mobile Device Data Representations

Henry Larkin


Session D-3: Application Systems


KadStreaming: A Novel Kademlia P2P Network -based VoD Streaming Scheme

Jie Wu, BiSheng Liu, ShiYong Zhang, ZhiHui Lu, and YiPing Zhong


Development of i-appli for Women's Health Information Management System

Takehiro Kanno, Wenxi Chen, and Masumi Kitazawa


An Efficient Shared Learning Scheme for Layered Video Streaming over Application Layer Multicast

Jongmin Park, Seungik Lee, Yangwoo Ko, and Dongman Lee


A Context-Aware Framework for Mobile Navigation Service

Wonik Choi, Hyunduk Kim, Jinsu Kim, and Jinseok Chae


Session D-4: Protocols and Algorithms II


A Predictive and Synchronized Neighborhood Tracking Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Hui Xu, Jinsung Cho, and Sungyung Lee


A Fast Path Recovery Scheme for Publish/Subscribe in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sang-chul Moon, Yangwoo Ko, and Dongman Lee


Scalable and Statistically Secure Fingerprinting Scheme for Mobile Game Content Distribution

Jae Min Seol and Seong Whan Kim


Session D-5: Protocols and Algorithms III


A Novel Method for Leader Election Algorithm

Mehdi Mirakhorli, Amir Azim Sharifloo, and Abolfaz Haghighat


Task Allocation Adaptable to Network Topology among Cooperative Heterogeneous Agents

Zheng Xiao, ShiYong Zhang, and Chengrong Wu


Adapting Superpeer Size Using Particle Swam Optimization for Self-Organizing Superpeer Ring with Loosely-Consistent DHT

Saeyoung Han and Sungyong Park


Session D-6: Protocols and Algorithms IV


Overview of LDPC Codes

Zongjie Tu and ShiYong Zhang


Optimal Zero-Correlation Zone Sequence Set Constructed from a Perfect Sequence

Takafumi Hayashi


Computing the Availability and MTTF of Shared Protection Systems

Hirokazu Ozaki and Atsushi Kara


Session D-7: Analysis and Evaluation


Performance of SD-method Compare with OFDM Method

Rongzhen Jin, Naoki Suehiro, and Changgao Han


Innovative Mobile Phone Services Based on Next Generation Infrastructure in Japan — A Survey

Akira Sasaki, Kazuaki Yamauchi, Wenxi Chen, Michael Cohen, Daming Wei, and Zixue Cheng


Performance Evaluation of Handling Interrupts Schemes in Gigabit Networks

Salman AlQahtani


Performance Comparison of Contention-Based Channel Access Mechanism of IEEE 802.11 and 802.11e

Mayank Kanthali, Apurva Gaiwak, and Prakash D Vyavahare



Technical Sessions E: Data, Multimedia, and Virtual Reality


Session E-1: Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality


Spin-Around: Phase-locked Synchronized Rotation and Revolution in Multistandpoint Panoramic Browsers

Michael Cohen, Ishara Jaysingha, and Julián Villegas


Control of Navigable Panoramic Imagery with Information Furniture: Chair-Driven 2.5D Steering Through Multistandpoint QTVR Panoramas with Automatic Window Dilation

Michael Cohen, Kunihiro Doi, Takayuki Hattori, Yorinobu Mine


Synæsthetic Music, or the Ultimate Ocular Harpsichord

Julián Villegas and Michael Cohen


A Shader for Virtual X-Ray Imaging

Shin Hasegawa, Hidetaka Funayama, and Daming Wei


Session E-2: Video Distribution and Networks


The Design and Implementation of a Scalable Wireless Video Streaming System Adopting TCP Transmission Mode

Ying Chai and Dejian Ye


Clear P2P IPTV Live Streaming System for Set-top Box Clients

Chenjie Zhu and Dejian Ye


A Stochastic Differential Equation Model for Queues on Network Video Traffic

Wenyan Hu and Dejian Ye


Packet Reversed Packet Combining Scheme

Chandan Bhunia



Session E-3: Image Processing


Content and Illumination Invariant Blur Measures for Realtime Video Processing

Sebastien Harasse, Laurent Bonnaud, and Michel Desvignes


Automatic Lung Segmentation in CT Images using Anisotropic Diffusion and Morphology Operation

Hyesuk Kim and Gueesang Lee


Flame Temperature Field Measurement Using Improved Generalized Cross-Validation Method

Yinghui Zhou and Dezhong Zheng


Implementation and Evaluation of a High Speed License Plate Recognition System on an FPGA

Takamasa Kanamori, Masatoshi Arai, Daisuke Konno, Tomomichi Nanba, Yoshiaki Ajioka, and Hideharu Amano


Motion Estimation for Real Time Transmission on H.264/AVC

Hyosun Yoon


Session E-4: Video Processing and Analysis


Reducing Spatial Resolution for MPEG-4 / H.264 Transcoding with Efficient Motion Reusing

Toan Nguyen, GueeSang Lee, JaeMyung Yoo, and Sangchan Park


Template-Based Adaptive Video Coding Algorithm in High Resolution Laptop Video Conference Systems

Chundong Wang and Dejian Ye


Gradient Based Error Concealment for H.264 Inter Frames

Toan Nguyen Dinh, JaeMyeong Yoo, and GueeSang Lee


Tracking and Motion Analysis of Impact Fragments

Naoto Miura, Hirohide Demura, Naru Hirata, and Noriaki Asada


Design and Implementation of A Novel P2P-based VOD System Using Media File Segments Selecting Algorithm

ZhiHui Lu, ShiYong Zhang, Jie Wu, WeiMing Fu, and YiPing Zhong


Session E-5: Data Processing and Interfaces


Methods and Technologies for Enhancing and Optimizing Power Plant Inspection Procedures

Kamen Kanev, Zixue Cheng, and Nikolay Mirenkov


Design of a Clinical Knowledge Base for Heart Disease Detection

Ki-Hyeon Kim and Ho-Jin Choi


Performance Evaluation of a Temporal Sequence Learning Spiking Neural Network

Taiki Ichishita and Robert H. Fujii


Design and Implementation of a Real-time Video Player on Tiled-Display System

Giseok Choe, Jeongsoo Yu, Jeonghoon Choi, and Jongho Nang


On the Interactive Visualization of Very Large Image Data Sets

Frank Ekpar, Masaaki Yoneda, and Hiroyuki Hase


Session E-6: Image Processing and Analysis


A Leaf Image Retrieval Scheme Based On Partial Dynamic Time Warping and Two-Level Filtering

Yoon-Sik Tak and Een-Jun Hwang


Local Binary Patterns on Hexagonal Image Structure

Xiangjian He, Jianmin Li, Wenjing Jia, Qiang Wu and Tom Hintz


A Flexible Non-Linear PCA Encoder for Still Image Compression

Lu Chuanfeng, Zhao Qiangfu and Liu Zhiwen


Influence of Imaging Condition on Matching Point Detection

Tomoki Hodokuma, Naru Hirata, Hirohide Demura and Noriaki Asada


Session E-7: Text Processing and Analysis


Identification of Japanese and English Script from a Single Document Page

Sukalpa Chanda, Umapada Pal, and Fumitaka Kimura


Word Segmentation for the Sequences Emitted from a Word-Valued Source

Takashi Ishida, Toshiyasu Matsushima, and Shigeichi Hirasawa


Using Contour Analysis to Improve Feature Extraction in Thai Handwritten Character Recognition Systems

Jarernsri Mitrpanont and Urairat Limkonglap


Statistical Evaluation of Measure and Distance on Document Classification Problems in Text Mining

Masayuki Goto, Takashi Ishida, and Shigeichi Hirasawa


Image Skew Detection for Formulas without Fraction Bars Using Connected Components Analysis

Lichun Zhang, Yue Lu, and Patrick Wang


Session E-8: Static Image Segmentation


Recognition Algorithm for Topographic Features

Naoto Harada, Takafumi Hayashi, Naru Hirata, Hirohide Demura, and Noriaki Asada


Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using Automated Fuzzy c-Means

Supatra Sahaphong and Nualsawat Hiransakolwong


Vector Image Segmentation for Content-Based Vector Image Retrieval

Takahiro Hayashi, Rikio Onai, and Koji Abe


Segmentation by Morphological Reconstruction and Non-Linear Diffusion

JaeMyeong Yoo and GueeSang Lee



Technical Sessions F: Information Security


Session F-1: Secure Framework


The Automatic Defense Mechanism for Malicious Injection Attack

Jin-Cherng Lin and Jan-Min Chen


Botnet Detection by Monitoring Group Activities in DNS Traffic

Hyunsang Choi, Hanwoo Lee, Heejo Lee, and Hyogon Kim


An Internet Voting Protocol with Receipt-free and Coercion-Resistant

Bo Meng


Session F-2: Watermarking and Encryption


Towards Quantization Index Modulation Strategies on Content-based Watermarking Schemes

Pedro Martins and Paulo Carvalho


Exploiting X.509 Certificate and Multi-Agent System Architecture for Role-based Access Control and Authentication Management

Somchart Fugkeaw, Piyawit Manpanpanich, and Sekpon Juntapremjitt


Implementation of an Audio Watermarking System using CDMA Modulations

Ghnimi Said and Cherif Adnen


DWT-Based Audio Watermarking Resistant to Desynchronization

Haiyan Liu, Xuefeng Zheng, and Ying Wang



Session F-3: Network Security


An Effective Trust Establishment Scheme for Authentication in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Guojun Wang, Qiong Wang, Jiannong Cao, and Minyi Guo


Home Network Framework based on OSGi Service Platform Using SSL Component Bundle

Eun-Ae Cho, Chang-Joo Moon, Dae-Ha Park, and Doo-Kwon Baik


An Approach for Network Security Analysis using Logic Exploitation Graph

Mao Handong, Zhang Weiming, and Chen Feng


Information Security: End User Behavior and Corporate Culture
Steven Woodhouse



Technical Sessions G: Embedded Systems and VLSI Design


Session G-1: Scheduling and Optimization


A Dataflow Analysis for Mode Set Optimization in DSP Instruction Sets

Jiho Chu, Youngsun Han, and Seon Wook Kim


Name-based Write Barriers in Real-Time Java

Teresa Higuera-Toledano


Swap-aware Garbage Collection for NAND Flash Memory Based Embedded Systems

Ohhoon Kwon and Kern Koh


Deadline Scheduling with Processor Affinity and Feasibility Check on Uniform Parallel Machines

Vahid Salmani , Mahmoud Naghibzadeh, and Mohsen Kahani


System-level Power Management for Mobile Devices

Gerard Bosch Creus and Petri Niska


Session G-2: Platform and Application


A Visual Modeling Environment for Embedded Component Systems

Takuya Azum, Shimpei Yamada, Hiroshi Oyama, Yukikazu Nakamoto, and Hiroaki Takada


Enabling Reconfigurable SoC in Multimedia Processing

Ying Wang, Wei-Nan Chen, Xiao-Wei Wang, Hong-Jun You, and Cheng-Lian Peng


A Low-Power Application Specific Instruction Set Processor Architecture Using Asynchronous Function Units

Yong Li, Zhi-ying Wang, and Kui Dai


Implementation of Architecture Concepts for Hardware Agent Systems

Joerg Schneider, Marcel Naggatz,and Rainer Spallek


Compiler Construction for Lockstep Execution of Multithreaded Processors

Huong Giang Nguyen, Seokjoong Hwang, and Seon Wook Kim


Performance Comparison of Camera Interface Methods in a Mobile Handset

Minyoung Eom, Yeoung Kyu Lim, and Tae-ik Kang


Session G-3: VLSI Design


Indirect Tag Search Mechanism for Instruction Window Energy Reduction

Shingo Watanabe, Akihiro Chiyonobu and Toshinori Sato


A Control Circuit Synthesis Method for Asynchronous Circuits in Bundled-Data Implementation

Takao Konishi, Naohiro Hamada, and Hiroshi Saito


Adaptive Optical Proximity Correction Using an Optimization Method

Tetsuaki Matsunawa, Hirokazu Nosato, Hidenori Sakanashi, Masahiro Murakawa, Eiichi Takahashi, Tsuneo Terasawa, Toshihiko Tanaka, Osamu Suga, and Tetsuya Higuchi



Technical Sessions H: Software Engineering


Session H-1: Automated Testing Tools


An Automatic Tool for Generating Test Cases from the System's Requirements

Rosziati Ibrahim, Mohd Zainura Saringat, Noraini Ibrahim, and Noraida Ismail


An automatic software test-data generation scheme based on data flow criteria and genetic algorithms

Andreas Andreou, Kypros Economides, and Anastasis Sofokleous


Generating Wizards for Initializing Software Components

Hironori Washizaki, Takao Adachi, and Yoshiaki Fukazawa


Session H-2: Modeling and Simulation


FMBP (A Method to Generate Feature Model from Business Process Model for Business Applications)

Jongsu Bae and Sungwon Kang


The Value Gap Model: Value-Based Requirements Elicitation

Sang Won Lim, Taek Lee, and Hoh Peter In


Runtime Service Discovery and Reconfiguration using OWL-S based Semantic Web Service

Jinhan Kim, Jaejeong Lee, and Byungjeong Lee


Constructing a Reference Model of a Grouped-Metadata Object and its Change Model

Liangli Ma and Yongjie Li


Session H-3: Application-Specific Software Engineering


A Robot Programming Based on Frame Representation of Knowledge

Shigeto Aramaki, Tatsuichirou Nagai, Masato Kawamura, and        Yasutaka Hatada


Representation and Programming for Robotic Assembly Task Using an Assembly Structure

Tatsuichiro Nagai, Shigeto Aramaki, and Isao Nagasawa


A Method for Solving a Bipartite-graph Clustering Problem

Keiu Harada, Takuya Ishioka, Ikuo Suzuki, and Masashi Furukawa


Session H-4: Software Product Line Engineering


Towards a Formal Framework for Product Line Test Development

Sungwon Kang, Jihyun Lee, Myungchul Kim, and Woojin Lee


A Metamodeling Approach to Tracing Variability between Requirements and Architecture in Software Product Lines

Mikyeong Moon and Heung Seok Chae


A Formal Approach to Verify Mapping Relation in a Software Product Line

Tonny Kurniadi Satyananda, Danhyung Lee, and Sungwon Kang


The Design of a Multimedia Protocol Analysis Software Environment

Tony Tsang, Yong Soo Kim, and Richard Lai



Technical Sessions I: Ubiquitous and Sensor Network

Session I-1: RFID Management


A Secure Communication Protocol for Low-Cost RFID System

Jung-Hyun Oh, Hyun-Seok Kim, and Jin-Young Choi


Design of an Aspect-Based Framework to Improve the Dynamic Management of RFID Middleware

Hee Joung Hwang and Jin Tak Choi


Design and Implementation of an Active RFID System for Fast Tag Collection

Won-Ju Yoon, Sang-Hwa Chung, Seong-Joon Lee, and Young-Sik Moon


Session I-2: Technologies for Ubiquitous Application and Network


Probabilistic Isolation of Malicious Vehicles in Pseudonym Changing VANETs

Bisheng Liu, YiPing Zhong, and ShiYong Zhang


ANFIS for Adaptive Personal Space Determination for Ubiquitous Robots

Janaka Chaminda Balasuriya, Chandrajith Ashuboda Marasinghe, and Keigo Watanabe


Effective Service Decision using Ambient-based HHMM in Smart Home System

Jiyong Park, Dohoon Kim, Taek Lee, and Hoh Peter In


Dynamic Activity Lifecycle Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Hokyum Kim, Insuk Park, Soonju Hyun, and Dongman Lee


Session I-3: Algorithms for Sensor Networks


A Matrix-based Random Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Ting Yuan, Shiyong Zhang, and YiPing Zhong


Distributed Coloring Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications

Ryouhei Kawano and Toshiaki Miyazaki


A Novel Reference Node Selection Algorithm Based on Trilateration for Indoor Sensor Networks

Guangjie Han, Deokjai Choi, and Wontaek Lim


Session I-4: Energy Control Issue in Sensor Networks


A Two Base Stations Algorithm for Energy Balanced Data Propagation in Smart Home Sensor Networks

Bao Nguyen Nguyen and Deokjai Choi


Game Theoretic Distributed Energy Control in Sensor Networks

Jia Zeng and Chundi Mu


An Aggregation Tree Constructing Algorithm Based on Energy Consumption Assessment

Dayang Sun, Yanheng Liu, anf Aimin Wang


Session I-5: Sensor Network Architecture and Model


A System Architecture for Monitoring Sensor Data Stream

Yang Koo Lee, Ling Wang, and Keun Ho Ryu


Product Line Approach to Role-based Middleware Development for Ubiquitous Sensor Network

Woojin Lee, and Sungwon Kang


e-Petri Net Model for Programming Integrated Network of Wireless Sensor Networks and Grids

Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy V, A V U Phani Kumar, and D. Janakiram


New Join Operator Definitions and Implementation Methods for Sensor Networks

Seungjae Lee, Changhwa Kim, and Sangkyung Kim



Technical Sessions J: Service Oriented Computing and E-Technologies


Session J-1: Web Services and Technologies


An Adaptive Resource Flowing Scheme Amongst VMs in a VM-Based Utility Computing

Ying Song, Yuzhong Sun, Hui Wang, and Xining Song


Using Moodle and Other Software Tools In EFL Courses In a Japanese IT University

John Brine, Ian Wilson, and Debopriyo Roy


A Formal Framework for Description of Semantic Web services

Jiang Zhixiong, Qian Leqiu, and Pen Xin


Session J-2: SOA and Grid Technologies


A Fault Detection Mechanism for Service-Oriented Architecture Based on Queueing Theory

Hao-peng Chen and Cheng Zhang


Enabling QoS for Service-Oriented Workflow on GRID

L. Guo, A. S. McGough, A. Akram, D. Colling, J. Martyniak, and M. Krznaric


A Messaging Network to Realize an SOA-based System

Takafumi Hayashi, Hideyuki Fukuhara, Ryutaroh Fuijta, Toshiaki Miyazaki, and Senroh Saito


Ontology Based User Profiling in Personalized Information Service Agent

Jianguo Pan, Bofeng Zhang, Shufeng Wang, Genfeng Wu, and Daming Wei


Session J-3: Information Technology in Biomedicine


A Development of Ubiquitous Biomedical Interface for Facilitating Medical Device Connectivity

Tung Tran, Hwa-Sun Kim, and Hune Cho


Development of P300 Detection Algorithm for Brain Computer Interface in Single Trial

Hiroyuki Ishita, Motoki Sakai, Ji'nei Watanabe, Wenxi Chen, and Daming Wei


Pathological Voice Classification Based on a Single Vowel's Acoustic Features

Ce Peng, Wenxi Chen, Xin Zhu, Baikun Wan, and Daming Wei


Web Based Injury Surveillance System (WBISS) for Road Traffic Injuries

Achala Upendra Jayatilleke, Chandrajith Ashubodha Marasinghe, Shinji Nakahara, ST Nandasara, Achini Jayatilleke, and Masamine Jimba


RƒΐHpred: Prediction of Right-Handed ƒΐ-helix Fold from Protein Sequence Using SVM and Protein Threading

Siddharth Singh, Krishnan Hajela, and Ashwini Ramani


Development of Digital Image Surface and Its Application to Derived 12-lead ECG

Kunio Takahashi and Daming Wei