How to edit

This is how to edit page.

How to edit our website

List of tools:

  2. git or (github tool):
  3. jekyll and add-on applications, see:
  4. For japanese:


In order to edit our website in

  1. Please create account in
  2. Request to join this group:
  3. If you cannot join, please email me in :
  4. All edits are based on markdown, the reference for syntax is here:
  5. You can update with html if you want.
  6. In order to run in localhost, please install jekyll:
  7. To commit the code, please install git or github tool. Direct website edit is not recommended.

List of the files to edit (all belong to this repo:

  1. /pages/ folder includes pages
  2. /pages/pages-root-folder: include index, 404
  3. _data : data information, include authors, navigation
  4. _include: elements of page
  5. _post/news/ : post in news
  6. image/post_date/filename.jpg : folder consists of image, please organized as sub-folders
  7. _layout: layout of page
  8. assest/img: logo and banner

Please understand that any further errors is not belong to the original repository.

A tutorial video if you want to understand more:

Update: 2016 Feb 11th (K)