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Posters submitted for the 2020 Graduate School Information Fair

List of Posters

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Poster ID Poster Title
[1] A Selective Modular Neural Network Framework
[2] Knowledge Distillation for Real-time On-Road Risk Detection
[3] Head-Tracked Expression of Spatial Sound Polyrhythmic Metronome in a Unity Scene Using Bose Frames
[4] Second-language pronunciation learning support system based on offline mobile automatic speech recognition
[5] Stock market trend prediction by deep neural network
[6] Automating Big Data Analysis & Deep Learning Generation by Automatic Service Composition
[7] Relay-assisted Satellite Free-Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution Systems
[8] Genetic Reverb: Synthesizing Artificial Reverberant Fields Via Genetic Algorithms
[9] An Empirical death prediction for pneumonia patients by Machine learning
[10] Factorized 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Violence Detection .
[11] Web Service Composition Learning with Neural Language Networks
[13] 可視光通信のための物理層のセキュリティ
[14] 3D Drawing Experience in Virtual Space
[15] Affect-guided “sweet spot” exploration using reinforcement learning
[16] Error Control Protocols for Free-Space Optical Satellite Communication Systems