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List of Posters submitted for the 2022 Graduate School Information Fair

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Poster ID Author Poster Title
[01] Divij G Singh QGIS Plugin for Browsing of Multiband Imager Data from SELENE Lunar Probe
[02] ZHOU Xue Exploring and Identifying Prognostic Phenotypes of Patients with Heart Failure Guided by Explainable Machine Learning
[03] Takuya Sukegawa Driving operation analysis using in-vehicle sensor data
[04] Kai Su You Only Look at Interested Cells – An Efficient Way for Detecting On-road Risks
[05] Youshen Zhao Study on Gastric Cancer Detection from Gastroendoscopic Videos Based on Deep Learning
[06] Fahao Chen Hare: Exploiting Inter-job and Intra-job Parallelism of Distributed Machine Learning on Heterogeneous GPUs
[07] Takumi Meguro Product Defect Detection Based on Multi-Class Classification
[08] Tasuku KURIKI What are the Dietary and Lifestyle Factors that Explain Medical-Checkup Results ?
[09] DAO Ngoc Hong Multimodal analysis for medical big data
[10] MUEPU MUKENDI DANIEL Analytics dashboard for problems recommendation in education system
[11] Masaya Hoshi Development of Automatic Snow Clearing Robot
[12] LIAN Zhuotao Decentralized Federated Learning for Internet of Things Anomaly Detection Federated Edge Learning for Healthcare Cyber Physical Systems
[13] Kimura Kaisei Area-efficient Binary and Ternary CNN Accelerator using Random-forest-based Approximation
[14] 手塚進悟 スマートミュージアムにおける小型で低消費電力な人検出システムの開発
[15] Jumpei Kanno Automatic Reading of Flow Meters Based on Object Detection
[16] Amin Md Faizul Ibne Impact of Programming Language Skills in Programming Learning
[17] Makoto Iwabuchi High-Precision Cyberattack Detection and Prevention System using Heuristics and Deep Learning
[18] Koki Hirooka Ensembled Transfer Learning Based Human Activity Recognition with Channel Attention Mechanism
[19] Do Viet Tung Mastering Code Generation through Deep Neural Networks
[20] Hiroaki Ogawa 画像特徴量の少ない環境にて人工マーカ―を用いたRGB-D画像による三次元地図の構築とSLAM
[21] 荻野 魁人 Digital "Shaded Relief Map" For Lunar Poles Established by Machine Learning ~ A Glimpse of GS Life ~
[22] Taisei Shibakura Application of the Latest Classification Algorithms to Lunar Reflectance Spectral Data and its Evaluation
[23] Tinh Van NGUYEN Channel Prediction for Free-Space Optical (FSO)-based Vertical Networks Using Machine Learning
[24] Udaka Ayas Manawadu Object Recognition and Pose Estimation from RGB-D Data Using Active Sensing
[25] PALLA Likhitha Discovering Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Uncertain Temporal Databases
[26] Kaito Suzuki A Panel Code Suitable for Long Distance Meter Reading
[27] Shota Nakada Generative Model-Based Anomaly Detection for Symmetric Industrial Products
[28] Makoto Takeuchi System to Improve Museum Experience Based on “Knowledge Experience”
[29] Abu Saleh Musa Miah Rotation, Translation And Scale Invariant Sign Word Recognition Using Deep Learning