Message from the Director of the Center for CRS

1.The Center's Role

The University of Aizu expects its students to become rich and healthy in mind and body at the same time as attaining a high degree of expertise in computer science and technology, so they can graduate and take responsibility for the future.
The eight faculty members, responsible for the Center's humanities, social studies, physical education, and education courses, provide an education which builds a broader background for the University's specialist education and share the responsibility for realizing the University's goals.

2. Research Activities

Although development of technology today is creating conditions assumed for humane lifestyle on an unprecedented scale, it continues to cause new threats to the global environment and living activities.
The Center tries to draw attention to these topics, which deeply concern modern civilization, and hopes to contribute towards protecting the value of a more humane lifestyle by collaborating and deepening the areas of research undertaken by the Center's faculty.

3. Involvement in Local Society

The Center has been holding a several publicly open seminar, where opinions were exchanged views with participants from outside the campus on the grave realities and issues that we are facing today.
Deepening mutual understanding between local citizens and Center staff in this way is extremely meaningful, and we intend to persistently build up ties and opportunities to communicate with each other.