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  • Dec. 28: One more excellent news to wrap up the year of 2017 - Thang Nguyen is awarded the Yonezawa Rotary scholarship for the 2-year graduate study.

  • Dec. 20: 2017 Year-end party. Thank you all for your hard works.



  • Nov. 29: Duc Nguyen and Thanh Pham's seminars to report their PhD study progress after one year.

  • Nov. 2: Dr. Kien of NICT visits and delivers a lecture and an invited talk.


  • Oct. 21-24: Tuan and Prof. Anh Pham attend IEEE ICC China in Qingdao.

  • Sep. 29: Fall Entrance ceremony with 9 Vietnamese students. Four of them are CCL member; congratulations to Huyen Tran (PhD program), Thang Nguyen, Hoang Le (master program) and Loc Pham (junior).

2017 entrance

  • Sep. 28: New IEICE Transaction paper acceptance: A Study on Quanlity Metrics for 360 Video Communications, first authored by Huyen Tran. Congratulations!

  • Sep. 19: New paper, A New Adaptation Approach for Viewport-adaptive 360-degree Video Streaming, first authored by Duc Nguyen, is accepted as full paper to be presented at IEEE ISM 2017. Congratulations!

  • Sep. 15: Fall graduation ceremony. Congratulations to Dr. Hung Le, Dr. Phuc Trinh, Cong Le, Huyen Tran and Tu Nguyen!

2017 graduation


  • Sep. 02: Two conference paper acceptances. Congratulations to Anh-Tuan and Hoang.

    • A Novel Effective DQ-Based Access Protocol with Load Estimation for Massive M2M Communications, first authored by Anh-Tuan, to appear at IEEE GC'17 Workshop on Emerging Technologies for 5G and Beyoud Wireless Mobile Networks.

    • On the Performance of TCP Cubic over Fading Channels with AMC Schemes, first author by Hoang Le, to appear at ATC 2017.

  • Aug. 22-23: CCL Annual Summer camp in Bandai Youth Center.


Academic activity - the CCL Summer Workshop


Outdoor activity - Visit the Tatsuzawafudo Falls

  • Aug. 15-16: Cong, Tu and Huyen succesfully defense their master's theses. Congratulations to all. Huyen will continue her PhD study at CCL from Oct. 2017.


  • Aug. 1: New paper, An Improved DQ Access Protocol for Cellular-based Massive M2M Communications - first authored by Anh-Tuan, has been accepted for presentation by IEEE/CIC ICCC 2017. Congratulations.

  • July 31: New paper, VLC-based Smart Supermarket (SMARTKet): Concepts and Enabling Technologies, has been accepted for presentation by the IEEE GCCE 2017.

  • July 25: New paper, Cooperation Strategies and Optimal Precoding Design for Multi-User Multi-Cell VLC Networks, accepted by GLOBECOM 2017. Congratulations to Thanh Pham.

  • July 12: New article, entitled: Secrecy Sum-Rate of Multi-User MISO Visible Light Communication Systems with Confidential Messages, has been accepted by Elsevier's  OPTIK, Special issue on Optical wireless communications. Congrats to Thanh Pham.

  • June 20: Hung Le and Phuc Trinh succesfully defense their PhD final reviews. Both will be conferred a PhD degree in September. We have a party to congratulate the PhD#3 and #4 of CCL, and at the same time, welcome the PhD#1 (Dr. Ngoc Dang) to return for a visit.


  • June 12: Our OB, and currently CCL external research associate, Dr. Ngoc Dang just arrives Aizu for a 2-month visit. Welcome home and enjoy your stay!

  • May 21-25: Our team, Phuc Trinh, Thanh Pham and Prof. Anh Pham, attend ICC in Paris


Phuc with the IEEE ICC STG award

Thanh & Phuc at the conf.
Vietnamese scholars at ICC 2017
  • Apr. 7: Congratulations to Phuc for the prestigious Student Travel Grant award to attend IEEE ICC in  Paris next month.

  • Mar. 29: IEEE TCOM paper, Multi-User Visible Light Communication Broadcast Channels with Zero-Forcing Precoding - first authored by Thanh Pham, has been accepted. Congratulations!

  • Mar. 21: Vuong Mai successfully completes his PhD study and leaves CCL. His first job is a postdoctotal position at KAIST. Congratulations and good luck for your future endeavor!

Vuong Phd  Vuong graduation

Vuong's PhD public presentation (left) and graduation day (right).

  • Feb. 19: Two more papers accepted by ICC 2017, WS on Optical Wireless Communications. Congratulations to Vuong Mai and Thanh Pham.

  • Jan. 30: Congratulations to Dr. Chuyen Nguyen and Anh-Tuan for the journal paper accepted by IET Communications.

  • Jan. 29: ICC 2017 paper acceptance, congratulations to Phuc Trinh.

  • Jan. 24: Vuong succesfully completes his final review for the PhD program.

  • Dec. 16, 2016: CCL year-end party. Thanks everyone for the hard-working, effective and very joyful year. We look forward to having another great year in 2017!

year-end 2016


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