Big Data Analytics

in Astronomy, Science and Engineering

December 05 - 07 , 2023

at University of Aizu, Japan, National Institute of Technology Delhi and IIT Delhi, India

Hybrid Mode

Big-data-analytics in Astronomy, Science and Engineering

11th International Conference Theme - Data Science and Applications

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The conference will focus on business data semantics and infrastructure for information management and interchange. It is being sponsored by University of Aizu, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Delhi, Department of Computer Science and IIT Delhi. The conference will attract the research attention on - data management and user interfaces for scientic computing systems. These themes will be guide research on infrastructure facilities. Database Systems play a central role in the evolving information systems. It aims at promoting research related to -

* Data sharing (application services),

* Software Engineering for Management of Voluminous Data

* Data Management for Voluminous data

* Information interchange and management systems for Data Centers

* Core technologies for scientific computing,

* Managing client/middleware/server computing for sharable data,

* No SQL Databases

* New database query languages for sensor data Systems

* Knowledge - Annotation and Visualization

Current research activity on -

Algorithms for collecting, analyzing, and securing data for decision support; Integrating advanced technologies for cloud services and dynamic workflow, and supply chain management; Approaches and algorithms for automatic data center administration; Architectures for simplifying the access to and querying of diverse information sources ; -- All aspects of data management for Information Systems are sought for participation.

Attendance at the event is limited to 30-40 active researchers. The format of the conference will encourage everyone to participate actively in discussions. Keynote discussions will be used to focus the debate onto current research issues. Pre-printed papers will be available to all participants and discussion is expected to lead to improvement of the papers and a record of their inter-relationships. The 11th BDA 2023 conference will publish its proceedings (indexed by Scopus) (to be confirmed). in the Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. Selected manuscripts from the earlier conferences have been recommended for publication in " International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE) " . The journal is listed in Web of Science list, and UGC master list of journals in India.

The following is the link for manuscript submission at Easy Chair. "Manuscript Submission" .

Contributions should cover concepts for implementation, management of meta-data, systems architecture and experience gained in Information Systems and DBMSs. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Data Management for Data Centers and Transactions
    • UML for e-Service
    • Secured Access Control
    • Searching & Managing Dynamic Contents
    • Workflow Modelling
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
    • Web Usage Mining
    • Agent-Based e-Services
    • e-Government Services
    • Database Integration
    • e-services Integration
    • Filtering and Summarization
  • Software Engineering and SOA
    • Service Oriented Architectures
    • Web Service
    • Semantic Web Service
    • New Query Language Interfaces
    • Cloud Computing and SOA
    • Sensor data and Computing in IOT
    • Transactions
  • Cyber Systems and Information Assurance
    • Work-flow
    • Data security
    • Blockchain
    • Cloud Computing and Security
    • Scientific Computing Systems
    • Privacy

Papers addressing these and closely related issues are invited. We strongly encourage papers that report experimental work and results.

Important Dates

Paper Submission

The manuscripts (2500-4000 words, 10-15 pages (it is a guideline)) should be submitted. Authors are invited to submit PDF files. Each paper should contain an additional cover page in text form. It must include a short extended abstract in free flow in text format, submitted with the paper by planed submission deadline. The address, e-mail and fax numbers of the authors should be included on the text cover page. The selected full papers will be included for publication in the proceedings to be published after the conference. Early drafts should be submitted by the 15th October . (All Final submissions must be completed by the Camera ready deadline).
Authors are encouraged to include their ORCIDs in the proceedings
The previous BDA proceedings can be found on , SpringerLink
Authors must use the springer Author's Guidelines, at - Author's Guidelines

FOR contacting by Email:

Y. Watanobe
School of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Aizu,Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu City,
Fukushima 965-8580, Japan

Fax: +81-242-37-2753

Invited Guest Speakers: (Tentative List and Topics- to be confirmed)