Event-Driven Low-power Three Dimensional Digital Spiking Neuromorphic System with On-line Learning

The goal of this project to research and implement an adaptive, low-power spiking neural network system in hardware (NASH) based on our earlier developed OASIS communication network. NASH implements the followings features (1) efficient adaptive configuration method which enables reconfiguration of different SNN parameters (spike weights, routing, hidden layers, topology, etc.), (2) a mixture of different deep NN topologies, (3) an efficient fault-tolerant multicast spike routing algorithm, (4) Efficient on-chip learning mechanism. To demonstrate the performance of NASH system, an FPGA implementation shall be developed and  VLSI implementation shall be also established.


  • Patent: Abderazek Ben Abdallah, The H. Vu, Masayuki Hisada, ''Neural Computing Architecture, Fault-tolerant Algorithm, and Design M1ethod for Spiking Neural Networks,''  特 願2019-124541 (pending)

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