Ceremony for Commendation of a Faculty Member

On Saturday, July 8, this commendation ceremony took place at the beginning of the public lecture regarding the "Hayabusa Project." President Tsunoyama awarded a certificate of commendation to Assistant Professor Hirohide Demura from the Multimedia Systems Laboratory. This was the first commendation under the Public University Corporation, the University of Aizu Regulation concerning Commendation of Personnel.

Details of the Commendation
Certificate of commendation to Assistant Professor, Hirohide Demura
Incentive Research Expenses to the Multimedia Systems Laboratory
Review of Qualifications for Commendation
  The relevant paper was the first paper that the journal, "Science," has published regarding achievements involving research done at the University of Aizu (Title of a paper: "Pole and Global Shape of 25143 Itokawa" Primary author: Hirohide Demura, Assistant Professor of the University of Aizu), and included achievements of a research project which had been jointly conducted by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and the University of Aizu, regarding shape recognition of an asteroid based on images taken by a telescopic camera loaded on the "Hayabusa" Spacecraft.
  The "Hayabusa" Spacecraft landed on an asteroid, named "Itokawa," and collected a rock sample from it, a feat which had not been successfully done ever before. The "eye function" of the spacecraft was successfully accomplished through with relevant research achievements produced at the University. Through media coverage of this research, the University of Aizu was achieved wide publicity both at home and abroad, which brought great honor to the University.

Prof. Demura awarded by President

Assistant Professor, Hirohide Demura, awarded a certificate of commendation by President Tsunoyama.