Explanation Forum 2007 Held Jointly by Companies in Fukushima Prefecture

An "Explanation Forum 2007 Organized Jointly by Companies in Fukushima Prefecture" was held at the University Auditorium on Friday, February 9, 2007 (13:00-17:00). Approximately forty students dressed in business attire, who participated seeking relevant information from company recruitment staff from a first-hand perspective, were given explanations at booths set up individually by 28 companies in the Prefecture and the Fukushima Prefectural Government.
In addition to these forums, support services for students in the process of job seeking have been provided by the Department for Student Affairs, including the "Shu-katsu Bus" services (transportation services by bus for students in the process of job seeking) provided in the period between the end of February and end of March. (Buses from the University of Aizu to Tokyo will run. Part of the service charges is being covered by the University of Aizu Supporters' Association.)

The venue

A picture taken from the venue


Students being given explanations by company recruitment staff