The First Achievement of Granted Patent Belonged to the University of Aizu

An invention for which a patent was jointly applied by the University of Aizu and 200X Company filed on July 24, 2003, has been registered on the Register of the Japan Patent Office.

1. Title of the invention
"Method for Inter-host Communication"
2. Inventor
Professor Atsushi Kara from the Computer Communications Laboratory,
Department of Computer Hardware, School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of Aizu
3. Patent rights ownership
Fukushima Prefectural Government
200X Company
4. Registration Date
January 19, 2007


Commemorative photo with the Patent Certificate
Prof. Kara, the inventor, is in the middle of the photo, and President Shinjo of 200X Company is on the far right.
(*photo courtesy of Fukushima Minyu Shimbun)