The University of Aizu Gazette
The Twelfth Issue, May 2002

Address by the Dean of the Graduate School
gCampus Tsushinh
A new organizational system introduced in the Administrative Office, Planning Division
Acadmic Calendar FY2002
Establishment of Lounge for International Exchange and Informal Discussion
Faculty Personnel Affairs
Administrative Staff Personnel Affairs
Conference, Event Information
EFinal lectures held in commemoration of resigning professors
EPresentation of doctoral theses
EGraduation Ceremony/Entrance Ceremony
EConference Information

Address by the Dean of the Graduate School
Satoshi Okawa

Address by the Dean of the Graduate School In March, five students of the University of Aizu Graduate School attained doctoral degrees. The credit for the achievement should obviously go to the students who worked hard to acquire their degrees. But at the same time, we also must appreciate the faculty members who advised the students and strictly examined their research so that doctors from our Graduate School can stand equal to those obtaining their degrees from all other graduate schools. Thanks also go out to the administrative staff who provided behind-the-scenes support. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you. Looking back on the time when I was conferred my degree almost a quarter of a century ago, I remember, with some embarrassment at my youthful impetuosity and also with fondness, of having argued defiantly with my professor and complaining about his requests for me to rewrite my thesis. It strikes me that the part I played in obtaining my degree was minor, and that I truly owe my faculty advisor and other faculty and staff members in regards to this achievement. In recalling the favors from those faculty and staff members, I feel that the way to return their favors is to devote myself earnestly to the instruction and education of our students. I think it is important in my capacity as the Dean of the Graduate School that, in addition to the lectures and guidance on research that I am responsible for providing, I encourage all students to engage in their study and research seriously and to ask faculty members to instruct them warmly and at the same time, strictly. I believe that in any endeavor, the best way to reach the summit is to make a persistent effort, one step at a time. The Graduate School has just become independent from the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It takes time before results from research and education can be fully appreciated. Let us hold up high the Universityfs goal of gTo Advance Knowledge for Humanity,h be careful not to fall because of rushing, and make progress.

gCampus Tsushinh

The Fukushima Minpo Shimbun newspaper distributed in the Aizu area will carry a section titled, gCampus Tsushin,h every Thursday from April, featuring a variety of information on the University of Aizu and the Junior College Division. We would like to write about things that we often overlook when we are on campus and to have readers outside the University learn more about us. If you have any article you want inserted in the newspaper, please contact the Planning Division.

A new organizational system introduced in the Administrative Office, Planning Division

In the past the Planning Division of the Administrative Office was made up of three sections, the Public Relations and Linkage Section, Research Assistance Section, and Budget and Accounting Section. In April, a new organizational system was introduced for the Planning Division composed of two groups and four teams (see diagram). The Public Relations and Linkage Section was subdivided into the Planning and Public Relations Team and the University-Business Innovation Team, the latter of which is allocated in the University-Business Innovation Center.
Planning Diviison Planning and Budgeting Group Planning and Public Relations Team
Budget and Accounting Team
Collaboration and Assistance Group University-Business Innovation Center Team
Research Assistance Team

Academic Calendar FY2002
April 1 - September 30
Entrance Ceremony April 5
Orientation for new students April 8 - 9
Classes April 12 - July 23
First Semester Exams July 24 - August 1
Summer Vacation August 5 - September 30
Registration for Second Semester September 17 - 20
Second Semester (October 1 - March 31)
Classees October 1 - January 3
Winter Vacation December 24 - January 10
Second Semester Exams February 3 - 14
Graduation Thesis Presentations February 17 - 18
Graduation Ceremony March 25 (scheduledj
Spring Vacation March 3 - 31
Establishment of Lounge for International Exchange and Informal Discussion
In consideration of the fact that the number of international students studying and researching at the University of Aizu is increasing each year, a Lounge for International Exchange and Informal Discussion was established. The purpose of the establishment of the Lounge for International Exchange and Informal Discussion is to provide a place where international students can study Japan and the Japanese language, mingle with Japanese students and faculty and administrative staff members, and exchange a variety of information. Room 211 on the second floor of the research quadrangles will be used as the Lounge for International Exchange and Informal Discussion.Establishment of the Univeristy of Aizu Reform Committee

Faculty Personnel Affairs

Department of Computer Software
Shape Modeling Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Weixi Chen
China, April 1, 2002

Department of Computer Hardware
Computer Education Laboratory
Associate Professor, Junji Kitamichi
Japan, April 1, 2002

Department of Computer Software
Image Processing Laboratory
Professor, Ryuichi Oka
Japan, April 3, 2002

Change of Laboratory Affiliation
Department of Computer Software
Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science Laboratory
Professor, Hidesada Kanda
Japan, April 1, 2002

Department of Computer Hardware
Computer Communications Laboratory
Professor, Atsushi Kara
Japan, April 1, 2002

Assumption of Office as Professor
Center for Language Research
America, April 1, 2002

Department of Computer Software
Distributed Parallel Processing Laboratory
Visiting Professor

Distributed Parallel Processing Laboratory
Special Researcher, Rentaro Yoshikoka

Computer Graphics Laboratory
Visiting Researcher

Core and Information Technology Center
Visiting Professor, Masamichi Hashimoto

Assumption of Deans
Graduate School Dean
Professor, Satoshi Okawa
April 1, 2002

Direcotr General of the Department for Student Affairs
Professor, Noriaki Asada
April 1, 2002

Administrative Staff Personnel Affairs
Director General Yoichi Noji
General Affairs Division Director of the General Affairs Division Tsunero Baba
General Affairs Section Section Chief Makoto Watanabe
Staff Miho Yoshida
Management Section Section Chief Akio Tsuchida
Staff Koji Fujita
Plant and Facilities Section Electronic Engineer Eisuke Endo@
Planning Division Director of the Planning Division Yoichi Makabe
Associate Director, Director of Business Affairs of UBIC Masamitsu Kogota
Planning and Budgeting Group Planning and Public Relations Team Staff Toshihiro Hata
Budget and Accounting Team Section Chief Hiroyuki Harada
Coollaboration@and@Assistance Group University-Business Innovationb Center Team Section Chief Seiji Yoshida
Staff Tsutomu Ogata
Research Assistance Team Section Chief Kenji Bannai
Student Affairs Division, Department for Student Affairs Academic Affairs Section Staff Eriko Endo
Health and Welfare Services Section Senior Staff Yuko Sugihara
Information Systems and Technology Center Director of Business Affairs Office of ISTC @Shun-ichi Ueno
University Library Librarian Tomoko Sasaki

Conference, Event Information
Final lectures held in commemoration of resigning professors
Professor Yasuhiko Ikebe, Professor Shunji Mori, Professor Takashi Iizuka, Professor Rafail Lashevsky, and Professor John Izzo resigned from the University, after reaching the mandatory retirement age for professors as of the end of the academic year 2001. On March 18, these professors, with the exception of Professor Izzo, gave final lectures to commemorate the occasion of their resignation. Each professor spoke for about 40 minutes on his research and experiences. The title of Professor Emeritus was also conferred to the five professors. After the lectures, a party was held in a congenial atmosphere to commemorate the occasion with the attendance of all five of these professors.

Presentation of doctoral theses
On March 19, 2002, the first ever presentation of doctoral theses at the University was held in the lecture theater. Doctoral degrees were conferred for the first time since the foundation of the Graduate School in 1997 to five students in March this year. By this conferment, a complete cycle for students from acceptance to graduation was completed. After graduation, two students conferred degrees became researchers, one became a faculty member at another university, and two started working for private companies. We look forward to the future success of our first doctors.

Graduation Ceremony
On March 25, the Sixth Graduation Ceremony for the University of Aizu School of Computer Science and Engineering and the Seventh Completion Ceremony for the Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering were held at the University of Aizu Auditorium. In addition to 212 graduates of the Undergraduate School (147 from the Department of Computer Software, 65 from the Department of Computer Hardware), and 47 graduates completing the Masterfs Program (32 from the Graduate Department of Information Systems and 15 from the Graduate Department of Computer Systems), 5 graduate students completed the Doctoral Program for the first time (3 from the Graduate Department of Information Systems and 2 from the Graduate Department of Computer Systems). The University President Awards were presented to Yutaka Watanobe of the Department of Computer Software and Naoaki Tsutsui of the Graduate Department of Computer Systems.
Entrance Ceremony
On April 5, the Academic Year 2002 Entrance Ceremony was held in the University of Aizu Auditorium. Admitted this year were 242 undergraduate students, selected from 1,049 applicants, and 68 graduate students (62 in the Masterfs Program and 6 in the Doctoral Program) including 8 international students. Of the undergraduate students, 101 came from Fukushima Prefecture and 141 from outside the Prefecture.

Conference Information
1. Discussion with Dr. Raymond Wlodkowski & Dr. Marilyn Ginsberg
Assistant Professor Jerold A. Dehart, April 22-23, 2002
2. CIT 2002 -The Third Internatonal Conference on Computer & Information Technology-
Professor Daming Wei, September 11-14, 2002
3. ACM SIGPLAN Asian Symposium ASIA-PEPM '02
Assistant Professor Taro Suzuki, September 12-14, 2002
4. FLOPS 2002 -Sixth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming-
Assistant Professor Taro Suzuki, September 15-17, 2002
5. CM2002 -International Symposium on gFrontiers of Collective Motionsh-
Professor Hiroyuki Sagawa, November 6-9, 2002
6. DNIS 2002 -Databases in Networked Information Systems-
Associate Professor Sabash Bhalla, December 16-18, 2002

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