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1997 Research Projects Supported by the University of Aizu Research Project Fund
1997 Projects Supported by the Fukushima Prefectural Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education

Principal Investigator: Asada, N.
Project: Development of Imaging Spectrometer.

Principal Investigator: Cohen, M.
Project: Sound Field Control: Synthesis, Spatialization, and Animation.

Principal Investigator: Ershov, M.
Project: Research on Novel Mid-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices Based on
Semiconductor Quantum Structures.

Principal Investigator: Fujii, R. H
Project: VLSI Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Powered Wheelchair Design.

Principal Investigator: Hammami, O
Subject: EBPU: Evolvable Branch Prediction Unit.

Principal Investigator: Hasegawa, K.
Subject: Guidance and practice example of KENDO by visual confirmation.

Principal Investigator: Hayashi, T.
ĦĦSubject: Study on application of high power white noise to
communication and cryptography.

Principal Investigator: Ikedo, T.
Subject: Multimedia Processor.

Principal Investigator: Izzo, J.
Subject: Senior Graduation Thesis Support Project.

Principal Investigator: Mori, S.
Subject: Kanji Learning System.

Principal Investigator: Otsuyama, K.
Subject: Performance Evaluation of Multi-processor System.

Principal Investigator: Peng, S.
Subject: Communication-Efficient Parallel Computing.

Principal Investigator: Sagawa, H.
Subject: Physics Courseware for Students in Computer Sciences.

Principal Investigator: Saito, S.
Subject: Research of technological assessment for construction of
a backbone network of regional information communications.

Principal Investigator: Zhao, Q.
Subject: CCHA: Co-operative Co-evolable Hardware and Application.

Representative: Susantha Herath
Project: Effective Teaching and Evaluation Method Seminar (ETEMS).

Representative: Runhe Huang
Project: Designing a Network Computer Based Educational Hyper-environment.

Representative: Tsuneo Ikedo
Project: Development of Internet-Presentation for Aizu Industrial Art in Virtual Shop.

Representative: Yasuhiko Ikebe
Project: Global Virtual University.

Representative: Hidesada Kanda
Project: Study of Global Network and Information Centers.

Representative: Noriyuki Kikuchi
Project: Career-Choice and Formation of Self of Students Who Came from Fukushima Prefecture.

Representative: Hisako Murakawa
Project: Junior and Senior High School Teacher's Seminar, 1997.

Representative: Minetada Osano
Project: Education of Environment Problems for Society and Students.

Representative: Minoru Ueda
Project: Construction of Three Dimensional Geographical Information System (3D-GIS) of Aizu Wakamatsu City.

Representative: Shuuichi Yukita
Project: Cybertext in mathematical education.
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