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1998 Research Projects Supported by the University of Aizu Research Project Fund
1998 Projects Supported by the Fukushima Prefectural Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education

Principal Investigator: Belyaev, A.
Project Title: Curvature Features for 3D Object Analysis in Range Images.
Amount: 1,000,000

Principal Investigator: Cohen, M.
Project Title: Synthesis, Spatialization, and Animation.
Amount: 5,000,000

Principal Investigator: DeHart, J.
Project Title: MIDAS: Multimedia Instruction for Developing Advance Speakers.
Amount: 1,760,000

Principal Investigator: Ershov, M.
Project Title: Research on Novel Mid-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices Based on Semiconductor Quantum Structures.
Amount: 1,584,000

Principal Investigator: Hayashi, T.
Project Title: Low-peak White Noise: Application to High-speed Measurement, Spectrum Scattering Communication, Energy Transport, New Type Clock Signal.
Amount: 1,496,000

Principal Investigator: Huang, R.
Project Title: A Multimedia Collaborative Working Environment.
Amount: 2,000,000

Principal Investigator: Ikeda, M.
Project Title: Java Online Education System.
Amount: 5,000,000

Principal Investigator: Ikedo T.
Project Title: Multimedia Processor (Amphibious Logic Design and Multimedia Operating System).
Amount: 3,000,000

Principal Investigator: Izzo, J.
Project Title: Senior Graduation Thesis Support Project (Second Year).
Amount: 1,452,000

Principal Investigator: Kanda, H.
Project Title: Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Grid Generation.
Amount: 1,320,000

Principal Investigator: Mirenkov, N.
Project Title: Films to Accompany Lectures.
Amount: 2,500,000

Principal Investigator: Mori, S.
Project Title: Kanji Learning System.
Amount: 3,300,000

Principal Investigator: Murakawa, H.
Project Title: Developing Language Software for Students to Communicate Cultural and Historical Information of Aizu Regions with Students Abroad by Email.
Amount: 5,000,000

Principal Investigator: Myszkowski, K.
Project Title: Image-based Rendering System with Controllable Lighting.
Amount: 1,408,000

Principal Investigator: Nelson, B.
Project Title: On-line Courseware Development for Technical Reading 1 and 2.
Amount: 1,496,000

Principal Investigator: Nikishkov, G.
Project Title: Java Internet Application for Higher-order Nonlinear Asymptotic Analysis of Crack-tip Fields.
Amount: 880,000

Principal Investigator: Nishimura, S.
Project Title: Feasibility Study on a Real-time Ray Tracing System.
Amount: 1,000,000

Principal Investigator: Osano, M.
Project Title: The Development of Plant Growth Algorithm on Artificial Life.
Amount: 1,760,000

Principal Investigator: Peng, S.
Project Title: Communication-Efficient Parallel Computing Information Sciences.
Amount: 3,000,000

Principal Investigator: Sagawa, H.
Project Title: Physics Courseware for Students in Computer Sciences.
Amount: 1,760,000

Principal Investigator: Saito, S.
Project Title: Research of Technological Assessment for Construction of a Backbone Network of Regional Information Communications.
Amount: 2,900,000

Principal Investigator: Sugiyama, M.
Project Title: Object Location and Tracking in Video Data.
Amount: 3,642,000

Total 52,258,000 Yen

Representative: Runhe Huang.
Project: Designing a Network Computer Based Educational Hyper-environment.
Amount: 2,200,000
Representative: Yasuhiko Ikebe.
Project: Global Virtual University.
Amount: 1,500,000

Representative: Tsuneo Ikedo.
Project: Development of Internet-Presentation for Aizu Industrial Art in Virtual Shop.
Amount: 2,500,000

Representative: Leo Nagamatsu.
Project: Advanced Management Scheme for University Computer Systems.
Amount: 1,000,000

Representative: Noriyuki Kikuchi.
Project: Career-Choice and Formation of Self of Students Who Came from Fukushima Prefecture.
Amount: 1,200,000

Representative: Center for Language Research.
Project: Junior and Senior High School Teacher's Seminar, '98.
Amount: 3,000,000

Representative: Hisako Murakawa.
Project: Language Software for Aizu-Wakamatsu.
Amount: 1,000,000

Representative: Minetada Osano.
Project: Education of Environment Problems for Society and Students.
Amount: 1,500,000

Representative: Vladimir Savchenko.
Project: Virtual Navigation in Aizu Region.
Amount: 2,400,000
Representative: Minoru Ueda.
Project: Visualization of Common Citizens behavior in Aizu Virtual City (3D-GIS) for Better Urban Planning.
Amount: 2,200,000

Representative: Victor Varshavsky.
Project: CMOS Threshold and Fuzzy Logic Elements and Artificial Neurons.
Amount: 1,300,000

Representative: Shuuichi Yukita.
Project: Cybertext in Mathematical Education.
Amount: 1,000,000
October 1999