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1999 Research Projects Supported by the University of Aizu Research Project Fund
1999 Projects Supported by the Fukushima Prefectural Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education

Principal Investigator: Roman Durikovic.
Project Title: Volumetric Visualization of Clinical Diagnostic Data and Their Simulation.
Amount: 850,000

Principal Investigator: Takafumi Hayashi.
Project Title: Application of Ta-Sequence (Trigonometric Aliasing Sequence: Low-peak white Noise) to Mobile Communication, Water-Mark, and Cryptography.
Amount: 1,270,000

Principal Investigator: Jie Huang.
Project Title: Building Ears for Robots.
Amount: 1,850,000

Principal Investigator: Runhe Huang.
Project Title: A Multimedia Collaborative Working Environment.
Amount: 2,560,000

Principal Investigator: Yasuhiko Ikebe.
Project Title: Computing Special Functions Through Matrix Methods.
Amount: 850,000

Principal Investigator: Tomoko Izumita.
Project Title: GIS for Environmental Education.
Amount: 845,000

Principal Investigator: John Izzo.
Project Title: Technical Writing Support Project.
Amount: 600,000

Principal Investigator: Hidesada Kanda.
Project Title: Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Grid Generation.
Amount: 1,000,000

Principal Investigator: Yasushi Kikuchi.
Project Title: Matrix Algorithm Software Package for Special Functions.
Amount: 500,000

Principal Investigator: Stephen Lambacher.
Project Title: Graduation Thesis Support Project.
Amount: 547,000

Principal Investigator: Nikolay Mirenkov.
Project Title: Active Knowledge Studio.
Amount: 1,950,000

Principal Investigator: Hisako Murakawa.
Project Title: Developing a Cross Reference of the World's Languages: Sound Database, CD-ROM or Book on Instruction of Each Sound in the Form of Voice Patterns.
Amount: 500,000

Principal Investigator: Karol Myszkowski.
Project Title: Perceptually-Informed Rendering System.
Amount: 1,800,000

Principal Investigator: Brian Nelson.
Project Title: Online Courseware Development for Academic Listening/Speaking I and II.
Amount: 1,400,000

Principal Investigator: Shietung Peng.
Project Title: Communication-efficient Parallel Computing.
Amount: 500,000

Principal Investigator: Qun Jin.
Project Title: Design of Multimedia Integrated Inteligent User Interface for Collaborative Virtual University.
Amount: 1,600,000

Principal Investigator: Kazuyuki Saito.
Project Title: Preparation of a Textbook for VLSI Technologies.
Amount: 700,000

Principal Investigator: Masahide Sugiyama.
Project Title: Object Location and Tracking in Video Data (2nd year).
Amount: 4,000,000

Principal Investigator: Minoru Ueda.
Project Title: Urban Environmental Landscape Simulation with Plant Growth.
Amount: 750,000

Representative: Yasuhiko Ikebe.
Project: Global Virtual University.
Amount: 1,500,000

Representative: Noriyuki Kikuchi.
Project: Career-Choice and Formation of Self of Students Who Came from Fukushima Prefecture.
Amount: 1,200,000

Representative: Nikolay Mirenkov.
Project: Computer-Human Interface for Handicaps, Children and Elderly People.
Amount: 1,400,000

Representative: Masahide Sugiyama.
Project: Computer Aided Education for Disable People.
Amount: 1,400,000

Representative: Hisako Murakawa.
Project: Junior and Senior High School Teacher's Seminar '99 (CLR).
Amount: 3,000,000

Representative: Michael Cohen.
Project: The Internet Chair: A New User Featuring Force-Feedback and Transaural Audio2.
Amount: 1,900,000

Representative: Takafumi Hayashi.
Project: Next Generation High Speed Network Management Technology.
Amount: 4,400,000

Representative: Jianhua Ma.
Project: Moving: A Multimedia Open Virtual University with High-Performance Interaction over Gigabit Network.
Amount: 2,500,000

Representative: Shuichi Yukita.
Project: Mathematical Visualization on the Gigabit WEB.
Amount: 1,200,000

Representative: Tsuneo Ikedo.
Project: Development of Internet-Presentation for Aizu Industrial Art in Virtual Shop.
Amount: 700,000

Representative: Stanislav Sedukhin.
Project: Virtual Navigation in Aizu Region.
Amount: 2,000,000

Representative: Minoru Ueda.
Project: Making a Virtual City for Barrier Free Urban Environment.
Amount: 700,000

Representative: Tomoko Izumita.
Project: Spatial Database for Environmental Planning and Design in Aizu-Wakamatsu.
Amount: 600,000
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