◆ Annual Review 2001

Computer Communications Laboratory

Senro Saito
Associate Professor
One of the research foci at the ComputerCommunications Laboratory (CCL) is to develop new Internetworking technologies for secure mission-critical communications such as for medical and healthcare applications. Theterm Internetworking is used here instead of the loaded term Internet, to denote communication technologies that enable interoperability of diverse underlying data-transmission systems. Education at CCL includes teaching students "Request For Comments (RFC)" documents issued by the Internet Engineering Task Force. The success of the Internet in the 90s undeniably depends on the accumulation of technical proposals and standards in the form of RFC. The numerous RFC documents are a single authoritative source of Internetworking technologies. Unfortunately, language barriers have been hindering non-English speaking students to access the wealth of information in RFC. Educating students to read RFC documents very carefully is an indispensable step for advancing their research potential in the Internetworking area.