◆ Annual Review 2002

Center for Cultural Research and Studies

Atsunobu Sasaki

Koichi Ota

Koji Gotoh
Associate Professor

Noriyuki Kikuchi
Associate Professor

Masaya Seino
Associate Professor

Koichi Hasegawa
Associate Professor

Ken Nakazawa
Assistant Professor

Tomoko Izumita
Assistant Professor

The Center for Cultural Research and Studies (CRS) o??ers abroad-based educational and research program, in the humanities, social sciences, physical education and education course. Through this program, the Center is working to achieve the university's goals of internationalization, human development, and the promotion of regional industry, education, and culture.

The Center is composed of scholar-teachers in the following disciplines: education, literature, psychology, law, urban and regional planning, physical education, and sociology. In addition to offering courses in their disciplines, Center members have invitedstudents to participate in field work andhave involvedstudents in special research projects. Students are welcome to use a growing collection of books and videotapes that the Center is developing. Programs to investigate the use of computers in the humanities, the social science disciplines and physical education are now underway at the university and will welcome student participation.

Computer science, the basic field of study at the University of Aizu, cannot develop properly without proper attention to basic issues of ethics and human development. These issues are complex and are best explored through a variety of disciplines, several of which are represented at theCenter. TheCenter blendsthese varieties to extend the frontiers of knowledge. Through the Center's program, the University of Aizu can prepare both researchers and students for work that benefits society as a whole, in Japan and internationally. This is a unique feature of this Center. The Center publishes its own "Annual Review".

Each of the faculty members in this Center has his/her own discipline and subject for studying and teaching.

Professor Koji Gotoh has studied modern Japanese literature and lectures on literature. His present research subject is Kunikida Doppo and other authors of those days.

Professor Koichi Hasegawa studies Kendo history and teaches physical education and physical training. His research theme is "The systematization and construction of Kendo techniques". He has been coaching Kendo in Germany and Italy in recent years.

Professor Tomoko Izumita has been developing the interdisciplinary course, "the Humanities and Computer", as a part of general education for students in computer science and technology since April 1998. Her current interest centers around Spatial data analysis GIS, Landscape planning, Operational Research, and Telework.

Professor Noriyuki Kikuchi researches psychology for adolescents and teaches educational psychology for adolescents and so on. His research theme is "Career choice in the adolescence". An attitude survey on students' decision of career is underway.

Professor Ken Nakazawa researches exercise psychology and teaches physical education and physical training. His research theme is "Assessing the stages of change for exercise behavior among preadolescents, adolescents, middle-aged adults, and older adults in Aizuwakamatsu City".

Professor Koichi Ota has made a study of educational thought inwestern countries. He teaches subjects of education course such as introduction to education and so on. His research concerns the educational thought of J. A. Comenius.

Professor Atsunobu Sasaki has been researching communities positively, and he teaches sociology. His current theme is a local community system that combines medical care with social welfare in an aged society.

Professor Masaya Seino joined this university in October, 2001. He is interested in intellectual property rights. Before coming to this university he has been engaged in legislative work at the Secretariat of the House of Councillors since April, 1983. His main subjects are Law and Constitution.