◆ Annual Review 2002

Information Technology Center

Leo Nagamatsu
Associate Professor

Akira Fujitsu
Assistant Professor

Dougun Tei
Research Associate

ISTC consists of the Information Processing Center and the University Library. ISTC's main purpose is to provide information services through computer facilities and library services. Besides providing regular services, IPC staff provided the following supports during FY 2002.

  • Replacement of workstations in Computer Exercise Room 3 through 4, replacement of workstations for graduate students use, and replacement of related servers.
  • Reconstruction of AINS network systems in order to provide more stable communication services.
  • Providing wireless LAN connection service.
  • Making e-VLAN network communication available.
  • Preparing SSH service to reinforce our network security.
  • Providing newWeb server systems in order to increase the degree of security.
  • Discussion on how to replace the LML system with a new LML system.

Concerning Library services, 249 volumes Japanese Books, 500 volumes Foreign Books, 129 Japanese Magazines, and 418 foreign Magazines were purchased with 2002 regular budget.

Referred Journal Papers
[t-huang-01:2002]Guozhen Zhang, Zixue Cheng, and Tongjun Huang et al. A Distance Learning Support System Based on Effective Leaning Method SQ3R. Transactions of IPSJ, 44(3):709-721, 2003.
Referred Proceeding Papers
[nag-01:2002]S. Oohashi and L. Nagamatsu. On Usage Patterns of a Terminal Locking Utility on ClassroomWorkstations. In Proc. of the 5th International Conference on Human and Computer: HC-2002, pages 39-44, 2002.
In our university, there are about 500 classroom workstations. Students can use them at all times. On the other hand there is a problem of long time occupation by use of terminal lock utility. Especially in the lunch time, quite many terminals are locked. Typical cases are (1) whole lunch period lock, and (2) lock just after logged in. The statistics are discussed in this paper, based on lock occurrence and class registration groups.
[nag-02:2002]L. Nagamatsu and N. Wakamatsu. ALow-Impact Performance Evaluation Method of Campus Network Systems by Finely Synchronized File Access. In Proc. of the 8th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems: DMS2002, pages 129-136, 2002.
A performance evaluation method with making precisely synchronized access for network based file server systems is described. For traditional and multimedia application, a high-performance file system in a campus is important. Burst accesses in class activities are often observed. In our site, for uniform file view, files are located in central servers. From users viewpoint, turn-around time determined by server and network interaction is important. For detailed investigation, a method which can reproduce such burst situations in controlled manner is needed. We propose a method with simultaneous transfer. Processes to access a file are distributed on classroom hosts and executed in parallel under high resolution clock control. The fine synchronization also contributes to minimize the scale and impact of experiments. Assuming scalability, small traffic can be "low-impact" for regular activities. By the experiment on our campus system, we show the validity of the method based on synchronized transfer. Without disturbing users, the performance outline for classroom clients and file servers can be known easily.
[t-huang-02:2002]T. Huang, Z. Cheng, and A. Koyama et al. An Efficient Distributed Method for Acceptable Allocation of Resources Based on a Concession Policy. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, pages 477-482. IEEE Computer Society, March 2003.
[t-huang-03:2002]G. Zhang, Z. Cheng, and T. Huang et al. Design of an Effective Learning Method SQ3R Based Distance Learning System. In Proceeding of 2002 Internal Symposium Cyber Worlds: Theory and Practices (CW2002), pages 318-322, 2002.
[t-huang-04:2002]Guozhen Zhang, Zixue Cheng, and Tongjun Huang et al. Implementation of Effective Learning Method SQ3R Supporting tools in Distance Learning System. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS2002), pages 383-390, 2002.
[t-huang-05:2002]Guozhen Zhang, Zixue Cheng, and Tongjun Huang et al. Investigation On Applying Psychology-Based Learning Method in Distance Learning System. In IPSJ Symposium Series Vol. 2002. No. 15, pages 9-14, 2002.
Academic Activities
[nag-03:2002]L Nagamatsu, 2002. Steering Committee Member of SIG on Distributed Processing and Internet Managemanr
Ph.D and Other Thesis
[nag-04:2002]Seiko Oohashi. Master Thesis: An Analysis of Classroom Computer Usage Statistics: Occupancy Rate of Locked Terminals, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: Nagamatsu, L.