◆ Annual Review 2002

University-Business Innovation Center

Shigeaki Tsunoyama

Isao Sugiyai
Visiting Professor

For the purpose of promotion of activities in university-industry cooperation, the University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC), which was designed to facilitate contacts for university-industry cooperation was established in April of 2002, and opened to local communities and industry. Personnel of UBIC includes one professor exclusively employed for this center, three faculty members who are concurrently employed at other positions at the University, two visiting professors, one Coordinator for University-Industry Cooperation and four administrative staff members. A wide range of activities has been conducted, including promotion of cooperative research with the private sector, provision of research space, progressive support towards creation of innovative industry in local communities, organizing of university-industry forums, etc.

    Activities in detail:

  • Visit to companies and consultation for cooperative research: as necessary
  • Rent of Research Development Rooms: to four companies
  • Organizing of University-Industry forums: eight times
  • Participation in Business Creation Tohoku 2002 Exhibition: four research themes
  • Organizing of UBIC Training Seminars: six times
  • Organizing of "One-day Trial" seminars: twelve times