◆ Annual Review 2002

Computer Communications Laboratory

Atsushi Kara

Senro Saito
Associate Professor

The Computer Communications laboratory is involved with education and research on various aspects of communications and internet working. On going projects include distance education over the Japan gigabit network (JGN), virtual private networking for remote patient monitoring and development of a traffic (information flow) monitoring mechanism for gigabit-class networks. See http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/labs/hw-cc/ for more details.

Referred Journal Papers
[kara-01:2002]A. Kara. Private-to-Private Communications over the Internet. IEEE Computer, 2003.
to appear.
[kara-02:2002]Z. Cheng K. Go A. Koyama T. Huang A. He, A. Kara and A. Imamiya. RIDEE-SPS: A Presentation System for Realtime Interactive Distance Education Environment. Transactions of Information Processing Society Japan, 44(3):700-708, 2003.
This paper describes RIDEE used for distance education between Univ. of Aizu and Univ. of Yamanashi.
Referred Proceeding Papers
[kara-03:2002]A. Kara. On Categorical Notionsin Cryptography. In Proceedings of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) 2002, pages 176-180. Univ. of Aizu, Univ. of Aizu, Sep. 2002.
The revision of this paper was also published in the Journal of Three Dimensional Images, 3D Forum, Vol 17, No. 1, pp. 176-180, March 2003
[kara-04:2002]H. Toyoizumi and A. Kara. Predators: Good Will Mobile Codes Combat against Computer Viruses. In Proceedings of New Security Paradigms Workshop 2002, ACM-SIGSAC, pages 11-17. ACM, ACM, Sep. 2002.
[kara-05:2002]A. Kara. A New Architecture for Secure Internetworking. In Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS2002), pages 123-128. Knowledge Systems Institute, Knowledge Systems Institute, Sep. 2002.
[kara-06:2002]A. Kara. METI Industry Cluster Fund: Remote Patient Monitoring Network, 2002-2003.