◆ Annual Review 2002

Computer Industry Laboratory

Lothar M. Schmitt
Associate Professor

Incheon Paik
Assistant Professor

Research by faculty and students in the Computer Industry Laboratory was carried d out in the fields E-Commerce, UNIX Applications, Genetic Algorithms and Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Physics and Mathematics. Several articles were published as book chapters, journal-contributions, proceedings-contributions in conferences, and technical reports. Some work is under review in the publication process. The Computer Industry Laboratory will start to establish robotics research from the end of 2003.

Referred Journal Papers
[paikic-01:2002]Incheon Paik. Design of Ontology and Information Infrastructure to Support the Design in Supply Chain. The Journal of Three Dimensional Images, 17(1):114-120, 2003.
Enough plan and design consideration in initial development stage are important because it can save unnecessary cost from re-design and modification of the product. The schema as information infrastructure for four attributes of product: cost, quality, function, and technology has been developed. Also, the system for describing cross-references between these attributes, and connection mechanism among distributed companies through Internet were introduced. In this paper, ontology for information infrastructure to describe general product and information of companies is presented. Theontology has been developed using ontology development process considering existing Enterprise Ontology and e-Business frameworks. Also, this paper proposes how to make harmony with existing frameworks and XML integration procedure for unifying several XML data from different environments of companies.
Referred Proceeding Papers
[paikic-02:2002]Incheon Paik. Design of Ontology to Support the Design and Plan on Supply Chain Management of B2B. In D.Wai and Editor Q. Jin, editors, Advances in Computer and Information Technology, pages 51-56, Aizu, Japan, Sep. 2002. CIT Committee, CIT Committee.
[paikic-03:2002]Incheon Paik and Wonhee Park. Directory Service Component Architecture for a Distributed Infrastructure to Support Innovative Business to Business Collaboration. In Knowldege Systems Institute, editor, Proceedings of The Eighth Intrenational Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, pages DMS02-68-75, U.S.A, Sep. 2002. DMS Committee,
[paikic-04:2002]Incheon Paik. Electronic Commerce Research Center in Soonchunhyang Univ., 2003.
Academic Activities
[paikic-05:2002]Incheon Paik, Sep. 2002. Session Chair, CIT2002
[paikic-06:2002]F Rabitti. An Internet Information Search Systemvia Component Based Software Development Registered Issue No : 2000-26184, Korea, December 2002.
Ph.D and Other Thesis
[paikic-07:2002]Yuu Watanabe. Graduation Thesis: Design of Mobile Agent to Support Design in a Supply Chian Management, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: I. Paik
[paikic-08:2002]Yuuki Ooishi. Graduation Thesis: Generating Mobile Application with General State Transition, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: I. Paik
[paikic-09:2002]Takehiko Sakamoto. Graduation Thesis: Web Service Architecture for an Information Infrastructure to Support Supply Chain Management, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: I. Paik
[paikic-10:2002]Katsuhiro Saito. Graduation Thesis: Design of Information Infrastructure to Support Design in a Supply Chain Management, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: I. Paik
[paikic-11:2002]Takashi Fukaya. Graduation Thesis: Performance Comparison of Distributed Object and Web Service, University of Aizu, 2002.
Thesis Advisor: I. Paik