◆ Annual Review 2002


Projects Supported by Fukushima Prefectural Foundation 2002

1. Principal Investigator: Michael Cohen
The Internet Chair: A novel user interface featuring force-feedback and transaural audio
Amount: \1,000,000
2.Principal Investigator: Mohamed Hamada
Investigation and research on improvement of teaching skills and evaluation of teaching
Amount: \1,000,000
3.Principal Investigator: Takafumi Hayashi
Networking Academy for Fukushima Prefecture
Amount: \2,500,000
4.Principal Investigator: Noriaki Kamiya
Mathematical Education in high school and university
Amount: \1,500,000
5.Principal Investigator: Hidesada Kanda
Study of Information Technology (IT) Engineers Examination
Amount: \600,000
6.Principal Investigator: Nikolay Mirenkov
Multimedia communicators for handicaps, children and elderly people
Amount: \1,200,000
7.Principal Investigator: Ken Nakazawa
Assessing the stages of change for exercise behavior among preadolescents, adolescents, middle-aged adults and older adults in Aizuwakamatsu City
Amount: \1,500,000
8.Principal Investigator: Maxim Ryzhii
Internet magazine for popularization of physics and mathematics
Amount: \1,500,000
9.Principal Investigator: Hiroyuki Sagawa
Subjective teaching method in physics
Amount: \1,400,000
10.Principal Investigator: Masahide Sugiyama
Computer Aided Education for Disable People
Amount: \800,000
11.Principal Investigator: Shigaku Tei
Applying Psychological Agent based Learning System to Mathematics Contents for Junior High School Student
Amount: \1,000,000
12.Principal Investigator: Alexander Vazhenin
Internet-based Environment for Real-time Programming
Amount: \1,000,000

Research Projects Supported by the Competitive Research Funding 2002

General Research
1.Principal Investigator: Robert Fujii
Design,Analysis, and Applications of Analog/Digital Neural Networks Amount: \1,000
2.Principal Investigator: Masatoshi Shima
Project of Research and Education for Computer Engineering Amount: \5,000Y
3.Principal Investigator: Hidesada Kanda
Verification of a Transition Model for Occurrence of Turbulence in Circular-Pipe Flows Amount: \2,500Y
4.Principal Investigator: Ryuichi Oka
Extraction of Content Dependent Video Feature Amount: \3,300
5.Principal Investigator: Daming Wei
Computer-added Examination of Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine Based on Microscopic images Amount: \1,400
6.Principal Investigator: Victor Ryzhii
Theoretical and computation analysis of novel terahertz devices Amount: \1,700
7.Principal Investigator: Masahide Sugiyama
Speaker Indexing under BGM Environment Amount: \500
8.Principal Investigator: Lukas Pichl
Quantum Computing: the design of molecular q-bits andthe control of molecular processing Amount: \1,000
9.Principal Investigator: Stanislav Sedukhin
A new data parallel computer architecture and programming model for future VLSI technology and applications Amount: \2,000
10.Principal Investigator: Jie Huang
Telerobot as an inter-laboratory communication interface Amount: \900
11.Principal Investigator: Takafumi Hayashi
Sequence Design and it's application to communication and measurement Amount: \1,000Y
12.Principal Investigator: Shigaku Tei
Design and Implementation of Novel Distributed Algorithms for Allocation of Resources to Cooperative Group Amount: \1,000
13.Principal Investigator: Nadia Berthouze
toward natural query and feedback in content-image retrieval Amount: \800
14.Principal Investigator: Gennadiy Nikishkov
Web-based teacher-students interaction system Amount: \1,000
15.Principal Investigator: Kazuyoshi Mori
Effective Parameterization of Stabilizing Controllers for Information Systems Amount: \700
16.Principal Investigator: Kenichi Kuroda
Application Development for Flexible Hardware Device(PCA) Amount: \1,000
17.Principal Investigator: Qiangfu Zhao
On-line learning and knowledge extraction for mobile robots Amount: \1,000
18.Principal Investigator: Roman Durikovic
Real-time physical based animation of liquids: splash,erosion and rigid objects Amount: \600
19.Principal Investigator: Vitaly Klyuev
Compiling Scientific Document Collections From the Internet Amount: \1,000
20.Principal Investigator: Kazuyuki Saito
Development of a Programmable Discrete Events Simulator for Intelligent Manufacturing System Amount: \600
21.Principal Investigator: Minyi Guo
Performance evaluation and Optimization of Irregular Scientific Computing Amount: \800
22.Principal Investigator: Junji Kitamichi
Project of Research for formal verification method of digital logic circuits design Amount: \1,200Y
UBIC Research
1.Principal Investigator: Wenxi Chen
i-mode portable health-care monitor and automatic management server
Amount: \2,000Y
2.Principal Investigator: Michael Cohen
Large-Screen Stereographic Display
Amount: \2,400
3.Principal Investigator: Carl Vilbrandt
HAVEN-Aizu Virtual Heritage Education Network
Amount: \600Y
4.Principal Investigator: Subhash Bhalla
Accessing Dynamic Contents in a Hospital Environment
Amount: \1,600
5.Principal Investigator: Noriaki Asada
3D records of the Aizu lacquer Ware craftsmen's manufacturing processes
Amount: \600Y
6.Principal Investigator: Incheon Paik
Directory ServiceComponent for Multi-Level Information Sharingon Supply Chain of B2B e-Business
Amount: \2,200