Information Technology Center

Tetsuhiko IkegamiLeo NagamatsuAkira FujitsuTongjun Huang
Tetsuhiko Ikegami
Leo Nagamatsu
Associate Professor
Akira Fujitsu
Assistant Professor
Tongjun Huang
Research Associate
ISTC consists of the Information Processing Center and the University Library. ISTC's main purpose is to provide information services through computer facilities and library services.
  Besides providing regular services, IPC staff provided the following supports during FY 2003.
  • Replacement of workstations in Computer Exercise Room 5 through 6 and Hardware Workshop 1 through 4, replacement of workstations for graduate students use, and replacement of related servers.

  • Supporting ACM/ICPC Asia Regional contest and The Personal Computer Contest for High School Student in Japan.
  Concerning Libraryservices, 140 volumes Japanese Books, 341 volumes Foreign books, 123 Japanese Magazines, and 355 foreign Magazines were purchased with 2003 regular budget.

Refereed Journal Papers

[t-huang-01:2003]Guozhen Zhang, Zixue Cheng, Aiguo He, Akio Koyama, and Tongjun Huang. AWeb Education System with Personalized Navigation Based on SQ3R. Transactions of IPSJ, 45(2):540-552, 2004.

Refereed Proceeding Papers

[t-huang-02:2003]Guozhen Zhang, Zixue Cheng, Aiguo He, Akio Koyama, and Tongjun Huang. Research on Web Education System with Personalized Navigations. In proceedings of AINA 2004, pages 451-456, Mar. 2004.