Office for Planning and Management

Tetsuhiko IkegamiYuko KesenKazuaki Yamauchi
Tetsuhiko Ikegami
Yuko Kesen
Assistant Professor
Kazuaki Yamauchi
Assistant Professor
Tsuyoshi IshikawaTakao Maeda
Tsuyoshi Ishikawa
Assistant Professor
Takao Maeda
Assistant Professor
The University of Aizu started with a goal to become a front-line university providing the greatest range of the most up-to-date educational and research activities in the field of computer science and engineering internationally. It was a unique institution unparalleled by any other existing Japanese university, and internationally open and competitive faculty positions have been a part of the implementation. In fact, approximately 40 percent of the positions is filled by foreign faculty. The Office for Planning and Management, headed by the University President, as established as an internal research organization for the purpose of performing comprehensive investigative research concerning university functions. along with performing general program planning and design regarding university education and research, international exchange, public relations and publications, legal affairs, local arrangement of conference and other necessary matters concerning administrative management. However, the initial mission and function had been declined and the breakup was discussed during the Second President's term. Owing to the rising movement towards University Reformation, the Third President, Tetsuhiko Ikegami, decided to keep its nominal existence and to reform its function and performance.

  Two Primary Tasks:
  1. Bridge Function between the University of Aizu and Outside

    The Office makes concrete studies and plans for joint research activities inside and outside the university. We seek cooperation between the University, Japanese industry, and government. Such cooperation would include technology transfer, joint university-industry ventures and government funding are sought for promising projects. The function was a foregoing activity of the cooperation/collaboration between University and Industry.

  2. Planning and Management of Education

    The University of Aizu was the first Japanese university which had to offer systematically organized curricula tailored to the essentials of computer science and engineering. Since computer science and engineering is a field of rapid progress and development, it is necessary to constantly improve the curricula to provide the appropriate educational experience for students. The Office worked together with the Examining Committee of Graduate School.
  Other Major Tasks:
  • International exchange and international legal affairs
  • Public relations, international recruitment, and human resource development
  • Planning and management of educational and research technologies and facilities
  • Development and publication of motivating teaching methods, materials and top-down interactive educational software
  • Development and publication of research software
  • Studies for the development of industries in the local region