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Shigaku TeiAiguo He
Shigaku Tei
Hirokuni Kurokawa
Assistant Professor
1. Research
1.1 Network/Distributed Systems
1.1.1 Distributed Algorithm
  In this research, we have been developing several Distributed Resource Allocation Algorithms.
1.1.2 Network Camera Control
  This research proposed a method for the network camera remote control in real time interactive distance education environment. The basic idea is "pseudo-surface based control", by which the zooming and angle speed, etc. can be controlled automatically, reducing the working-load of the lecturer who is using the network camera.
1.2 Distance Education
1.2.1 WWW-based Personalized Education Environment
  A WWW-based Personalized Education Environment based on effective study method called SQ3R is created. This system provides a set of learning support tools and can grasp every learner's situation on using such tools. Depending on different situations, learning navigation will be provided to the learner to support the learner.
1.2.2 Realtime Education Environment
  RIDEE(Realtime Interactive Distance Education Environment) This research started in 2000, as an application of Japan Gigabit Network, to provide a new platform for supporting real-time and interactive distance educational activities over high-speed network. By now, we have following core subsystems developed: - RIDEE-CCP: Communication Control Platform; - RIDEE-FCS: Floor Control System; - RIDEE-SPS: Slide Presentation System RIDEE system has been used in a regular distance lecture course between our university and the University of Yamanashi since 2002.
2. Education
  A Ph.D student, two Master students, and five Senior Students did their research in the laboratory, finished their theses in AY2003, and graduated.

Refereed Journal Papers

[aiguo-01:2003]Aiguo He, Guozhen Zhang, and Zixue Cheng. A Design of Realtime and Interactive Distance Education Environment. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 2(2):1-12, 2004.

This article systematically discusses the design of a distance educational supporting platform, RIDEE, for performing real time and interactive distance educational activities over high speed network, by summarizing the requirements for RIDEE and giving its hardware and software architecture. Several core parts and subsystems of RIDEE had been developed. RIDEE's effectiveness had been verified by experiments and a regular distance lecture course. This article also describes RIDEE's implementation and the application results.
[aiguo-02:2003]Guozhen Zhang, Z. Cheng, Aiguo He, A.Koyama, and T. Huang. AWeb Education System with Personalized Navigation Based on SQ3R. IPSJ Journal, 45(2):540-552, 2004.

The research on web-based learning is a hot research topic in recent years. But the personalized learning support is limited in most researches, because the human's cognitive processes and educational psychology-based study method are not considered.Our previous work proposed a learning support system based on a study method known as SQ3R.The system provided a set of tools following the SQ3R. But the navigation support in this system is not flexible enough to follow the substance of the SQ3R. In order to support and promote learners to learn as the SQ3R scheduled, in this paper, we give three types of navigations using agent technology. These three navigations are named as heuristic tool using navigation, traAEc-light-like progress navigation, and suggestive review navigation. Also, we have implemented and evaluated the web education system with the SQ3R-based navigations.
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Refereed Proceeding Papers

[aiguo-03:2003]Guozhen Zhang, Z. Cheng, Aiguo He, and T. Huang. AWWW based Learner's Learning Motivation Detecting System. In Jingde Chang, editor, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Knowledge Economy and Development of Science and Technology (KEST2003), pages 13-18, HonjoCity, Akita , Japan,September 2003. Institute of Knowledge Economy, Tokyo, Akita University.

We propose a method to grasp the learner's psychological states in WWW-based learning system using factor analysis technology.
[aiguo-04:2003]Timothy K. Shih, Jung-Ken Chuang, Nigel H. Lin, and Aiguo He. Augmented Video Conferencing. In , editor, Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops(ICDCSW'03), pages 646-651, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, May 2003. IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Computer Society.

Distance learning programs use on-line video records to deliver pre-recorded lectures. And, video communication systems can be used as a discussion tool. In this paper, we start our discussion on a multimedia presentation recording system which we had developed. We then present how the video recording concept can be further extended to realize an augmented video conferencing system, which can be used as apeer-to-peer discussion tool, as well as a lecture broadcasting system.We also point out that an object tracking technology can be further integrated to enhance the tool, to enable a more realistic and useful system for the discussion in distance education.
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