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Project Supported by the Fukushima Prefectural Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education 2010

  1. Principal Investigator: Takafumi Hayashi

    Title: Research on Sensor Networks for Health and Medical Care and Intelligent Information Infrastructure for Health and Medical Support

    Amount: ¥1,590,000

    In this project, we have studied a network-centric approach to realize a sensor networks for health and medical care. We also studied and developed frameworks and components for intelligent Information Infrastructure for health and medical support. We have constructed prototype systems using loosely coupled integration an content-aware networking. We have published several papers to international and domestic conferences.

  2. Principal Investigator: Yodai Watanabe

    Title: Research on cryptographic technologies whose computation is partially performed by human

    Amount: ¥794,000

    To assist the learning of cryptography, this project considers the visual secret sharing, which is a cryptographic technology whose decryption is performed by human eyes.

  3. Principal Investigator: Shinya Oku

    Title: Research on Contents to Support Parents with Small Children in their Medical and Language Education: Implementation and Primary Assessment through "Serious Games"

    Amount: ¥1,868,000

    We clarified the knowledge and the methology of simultaneous education of Japanese language and health care for young parents having small children. We also pointed out that the lack of knowledge of dietary education increases the difficulty in fostering children. Thus we developed the software to check the nutrition balance of shopping basket automated with computer. We also prepare the contents for these three types of educations, and made it into one serious game. We achieved the detailed scenario of the serious game and it is ready for full implementation.