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Computer Devices Laboratory

Yasuhiro Hisada

Assistant Professor

The Computer Device Laboratory (CDL) focuses on education and research for electorinics devices, and biomedical engineering.


For the undergraduate students;

Introduction to Programming (Y. Hisada)

Programming C (Y. Hisada)

Advanced Electronics (Y. Hisada)


In the field of Biomedical Engineering is the fusion of medicine and engineering, various efforts have been made.

In this laboratory is aimed at the following:

  1. Study of analog circuits that are needed to deal with the biological signal.
  2. Study of hardware device that allows high-speed digital processing.
  3. Establishment of methods of signal processing and analysis for biological signal, as a preliminary step to realize in hardware.

Time-frequency analysis of electrocardiogram, and estimation of the sleep stages by heart rate variability have been studied as a concrete target.

Ph.D., Master and Graduation Theses


Yasuhiro Suzuki. Real Time Extracting and Analyzing Heart Rate using Microcomputer. Graduation Thesis, School of Computer Science and Engineering, 2011.

Thesis Adviser: Y. Hisada