Thanks to the existence of Mt. Bandai there are so many hot springs in the Aizu area that it is hardly an exaggeration to say that you encounter them almost everywhere you go. THe following are two major hot spring resorts in Aizu-Wakamatsu:

Higashiyama Onsen

20 mins. from the station by bus. One of the finest hot spring resorts in the Tohoku region, it is located in Yugawa Valley deep in the mountains. The Bon-odori dance held here is one of Aizu's annual summer attractions.

Ashinomaski Onsen

30 mins. from the station. A modern resort along Okawa River south on Highway 121. In the summer it specializes in dished featuring ayu ("sweetfish") caught in Okawa River.
The Yunokami Onsen in the town of Shimogo is famous for the spectacular To no Hetsuri Ravine. On the western edge of the Bandai Plateau lies the Oshio Ura-Bandai Onsen in the village of Kitashiobara. There is a hot spring resort called Nakanoyu Onsen near the summit of Mt. Bandai, as well as a cluster of hot springs at the base of the mountain which are part of the town of Inawashiro. They include Nakanosawa Onsen at the eastern edge of the Bandadi Plateau; Numajiri, Yokomuki, and Okinajiri Onsen, which are also known as ski areas; Ottate, Kawakami, Omote-Bandai, and Inawashiro, among others.

These resorts have large Japanese-style tubs with plenty of hot water welling up form the hot springs. Leisurely relaxing stretched out in a spacious bath, and savoring the special dishes served at the place one is staying: that is how to enjoy Japanese-style hot springs.

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