2018-19 University of Aizu Spatial Media Group Public Lecture;
平成19年度会津大学スぺーシャル メディア グループ公開講座講演

Safecast; セーフキャスト: Citizen Science — Experience an invisible world with handmade sensors

Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018: 10–12 AM & 1–2:30 PM;
12月 9日 (日曜), 10–12 AM & 1–2:30 PM (bento lunch provided)

HDW3: Hardware Exercize Room (Research Building, #209), University of Aizu;
会津大学 研究棟 HDW3: ハードウェア実験室 (#209) plus North & South Lounges; 北ラウンジ、南ラウンジ and S2 (#275)

Sponsors: University of Aizu Public Relations Section and CLSA

Participation fee; 受講料: ¥1,000; 1,000円 (waived for junior-high and high school students; 中学生・高校生は無料), including lunch
Reservations: See bottom of http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/public/openclass/publec/2018publec.html.

Abstract; 抽象
Safecast is a global volunteer-centered citizen science project working to empower people with data about their environments.

We are working with a team of Safecast experts to run two concurrent workshops, this one and another. The contents of this one, suitable for junior high school through college students, includes three modules, each about an hour, for 3 hours total (plus a midday break, when bento lunch-boxes will be provided for participants):

The other is more technical, and takes more time.
Outline; 概略
In Safecast, we are developing environmental sensors "Solar Cast" running on photovoltaic cells and school education programs globally. This is to have environmental monitors set up at various facilities such as elementary school, junior high school, university, special school, community center, etc. and to create an environment where citizen science naturally learns science. An environmental monitor (radiation, PM 2.5, humidity, temperature, other measurements are possible) will be provided to a school community.

Come make a Geiger counter (radiation surveying instrument), and check the radiation of objects around us. Radiation is everywhere in our world, but isn't necessarily dangerous; some radiation can be beneficial. Enjoy both electronic handicraft and civil science with a group of friendly professional engineers from around the world!

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This page: http://u-aizu.ac.jp/~mcohen/spatial-media/koukaikouzas/2018-19/Safecast/kGeigie.html