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Maxim Mozgovoy

Associate professor at the University of Aizu
Office address: The University of Aizu, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, 965-8580 Japan
Phone: +81-242-37-2664

Professional Achievements


Research Interests

Machine learning, natural language processing, behavior-capture AI, computer games, sentiment analysis, computer-assisted language learning, plagiarism detection.

Job Experience

2009-... Associate professor, University of Aizu (Japan)
2006-2007 Senior software engineer, TruSoft Int'l Inc. (USA)
2004-2005 Researcher, University of Joensuu (Finland)
2001-2002 Consulting programmer, Prirost Co Ltd (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1998-2000 C/C++ teacher and programmer, North Ossetian State University (Russia)

Language Skills

Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Finnish (in progress)
Japanese (beginner)


2002-2007 University of Joensuu, MSc (2004) and PhD (2007), Computer Science
2000-2006 St. Petersburg State University, MSc (2003) and PhD (2006), Mathematics
1998-2000 North Ossetian State University
1988-1998 Secondary school #39, Vladikavkaz


download (PhD thesis) Enhancing Computer-Aided Plagiarism Detection. University of Joensuu, 2007.
download (PhD thesis) Machine semantic analysis of the Russian language and its applications (in Russian). St. Petersburg State University, 2006. See also the synopsis.
download (MSc thesis) Concurrent Program Verifier — a Tool for Teaching Concurrent Programming. University of Joensuu, 2004.
download (MSc thesis) Informational Retrieval: Finding and Utilizing Semantic Relations in Sentences (in Russian). St. Petersburg State University, 2003.
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