Theme/title of the lecture/講座のテーマ、タイトル】

Art and Physics: about space, time and light



Part One: introduction, ancient Greece culture, brief introduction of art and physics

第1講:はじめに, 古代ギリシア文明, 芸術と物理学略史

Part Two: about space, time and light



Name of lecturer /   名】

Yan PEI, Computer Science Division, The university of Aizu

裴 岩システム知能学講座,コンピュータサイエンス部門,会津大学



This lecture presents a brief overview on history of art and physics. Several representative artists, such as Giotto di BondoneLeonardo da VinciPablo Ruiz Picasso, and several representative artists physicists such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein are introduced in this lecture. Their works and contributions of art and physics are analyzed and discussed briefly. This lecture primarily introduces the frontier creations and innovations in art and physics, such as perspective principle, realism art, and impression art in art area, and such as Newton mechanic, special relative theory, and dark matter in physics field. The topic and objective of the lecture presents that is art and physics are the parallel ways that our human understand the fundamentals of our natural, i.e., space, times and light.