Research Titles of Already Graduated Students

Researches of Graduate Students

  1. Kazutoshi Maeda: User authentication based on linear image approximation (2010)
  2. Yuta Hiraki: A study on user intention modeling (2010)
  3. Mayuko Akatsuka: Interactive evolution of natural face images based on morphing (2010)
  4. Daichi Kunita: A study on document classification based on support vector machines (2009)
  5. Takashi Yasawa: A study on induction of neural network trees that generalize well (2009)
  6. Jie Ji: Fast document analysis algorithms based on the comparative advantage theory (PhD, 2008)
  7. Kei Sato: Posture recognition with NNC-Trees (2008)
  8. Gun-Ho Na: A study on expression recognition based on linear approaches (2008)
  9. Hirotomo Hayashi: Algorithms for efficient and effective induction of neural network trees (PhD, 2007)
  10. Naoki Tominaga: Fast Structural Learning of Distance-Based Neural Networks (2007)
  11. Yoshihiko Watanabe: Extracting Understandable Knowledge based on Data Fuzzification (2007)
  12. Ryohei Shindou: Development of an extendable system for document classification (2007)
  13. Hiroyuki Nakamura: Improvement of security strength for morphing based information hiding (2006)
  14. Ryo Watanabe: Investigation of effectiveness of NN and NN ensemble in financial time-series prediction (2006)
  15. Chuanfeng Lv: Non-linear PCA approaches for semi-universal image compression (PhD, 2004)
  16. Hazem Mokhtar Mokhtar El-Bakry: A fast searching algorithm for data detection using neural networks (PhD, 2005)
  17. Hiroyuki Kobayashi: Fact detection with clustering based LDA (2005)
  18. Akihiko Tamura: A study on face recognition based on linear approaches (2005)
  19. Satoshi Kondo: Information hiding technique based on morphing technology (2004)
  20. Takaharu Kawatsure: Inducing comprehensible multivariate decision trees with the R4-rule (2004)
  21. Horotomo Hayashi: A comparative study on different approaches for induction of NNTrees (2004)
  22. Takashi Harada: Feature extraction for Kanji evaluation using GA (2003)
  23. Shiegeru Haruyama: Create simple NNTrees with MOO-based GA (2003)
  24. Weiwei Du: An improved R4-rule for designing the smallest NN-MLP (2003)
  25. Takaharu Takeda: A study on retraining of neural network trees (2003)
  26. Masamitsu Ikarashi: Acquisition of robot moving strategies based on co-evolution (2002)
  27. Nobuhiro OKAMOTO: A study on PGAs for evolutionary learning of neural network robot controllers (2002)
  28. Chuanfeng LU: VQ+IFS: a new approach to image compression (2002)
  29. Kouichi SAKAMOTO: A study on extraction of rules from evolved neural network robot controllers (2002)
  30. Taichiro Endou: Design of comprehensible decision trees through evolution of training set (2001)
  31. Youki Takemura: Develop a simulation environment for mobile robots (2001)
  32. Gen Kinoshita: Fractal based image compression (2000)
  33. Tetsuro Komatsu: A study on neural network based robot control - modeling and learning (2000)
  34. Akihiro Kondo: Developing a simulation environment for moving robots (2000)
  35. Toru Tanigawa: A study on designing smaller neural network trees (2000)
  36. Shinichi Mizuno: Evolutionary design of neural network trees and its application to rule extraction (2000)
  37. Fumihito Matsuno: A study on finite automaton based character recognition (1999)
  38. Takayuki Yanagiya: Parallel implementation of co-evolutionary algorithms and its application to generation of cellular automata (1999)
  39. Tsuyoshi Ito: Parallel implementation of genetic algorithms and its application to neural network design (1999)
  40. Mitsuyoshi Shirasaka: Automatic design of binary decision trees based on GP (1998)
  41. Tomoyuki Suzuki: On-line evolutionary learning of neural networks based on IEA and GA (1998)

Graduation Researches

  1. Tomoyuki Soeta: A study on image based information retrieval (2011)
  2. Yuutaro Minakawa: A study on document based information retrieval (2011)
  3. Kazutoshi Igarashi: A study on fast image morphing (2011)
  4. Yuya Kaneda: A study on designing compact SVM based on dimensionality reduction (2011)
  5. Kyohei Watarai: Dimensionality reduction based on discriminant rough null space (2010)
  6. Keita Nagashima: A study on automatic synthesis of face images (2010)
  7. Yuki Ishita: Understanding the mechanism for face extraction (2010)
  8. Yuki Aiba: Pose recognition based on linear algorithms (2009)
  9. Mayuko Akatsuka: Generating natural cluster centers with image morphing (2009)
  10. Yoshimoto Ishibashi: A study on IC card security (2009)
  11. Noriaki Ishiyama: Pose recognition in dim lighting condition (2009)
  12. Chiemi Hanyu: A study on generating virtual databases for expression recognition (2009)
  13. Daichi Kunita: A comparative study on state-of-the-art algorithms for document (2008)
  14. Sayaka Takano: A study on neural network based face detection (2008)
  15. Yuuto Takabatake: A study on generating new face images for pose recognition (2008)
  16. Kazuhiro Haga: Face recognition based on the rough null space algorithm (2008)
  17. Takashi Yazawa: A study on improving generalization ability of the NNTrees (2008)
  18. Akira Saito: Semi-automatic morphing based on image recognition (2007)
  19. Hiroyuki Saito: A study on improving face recognition performance of NNC-Trees (2007)
  20. Shuuichi Takahashi: Face detection based on combination of NN, clustering, and LDA (2007)
  21. Hirotaka Takahashi: A rough null space approach to face recognition (2007)
  22. Kazuya Nozawa: Spam mail detection with Bayesian filter (2007)
  23. Kazuhiko Hirakuri: Head pose recognition with the NNC-Trees (2007)
  24. Ryohei Shindou: Spam e-mail detection based on Bayesian filter(2006)
  25. Tomohiro Tsuchiya: Learning inverse system of robot arm by neural network (2006)
  26. Naoki Tominaga: Fast induction of NNC-Trees based on dimensionality reduction (2006)
  27. Yoshihiko Watanabe: A study on the efficacy of R4-rule based NNC-Tree design (2006)
  28. Kei Sato: Frontal face recognition based on PCA (2006)
  29. Youhei Harada: Interpreting fuzzy rules evolved for mobile robots (2005)
  30. Kenta Kawai: Face recognition based on PCA (2005)
  31. Kazumi Tashiro: Image restoration based on ICA (2005)
  32. Tatsuya Fujita: Expression recognition based on PCA (2005)
  33. Hiroyuki Nakamura: Induction of SVM-Trees (2005)
  34. Ryo Watababe: Study on stock prediction based on neural network trees (2005)
  35. Masako Nihei: A study on lip segmentation (2004)
  36. Sota Harada: Feature extraction for neural network based face recognition (2004)
  37. Akihiko Tamura: An experimental study on neural network ensembles (2004)
  38. Hiroyuki Kobayashi: A study on extraction of face and eyes (2004)
  39. Satomi Nishigaya: A study on image morphing (2004)
  40. Takaharu Kawatsure: Generation of comprehensible decision rules through evolution (2003)
  41. Hirotomo Hayashi: Designing robot controllers that are both learnable and comprehensible (2003)
  42. Shigihara Makito: Learning of neural network with unbalanced training set (2003)
  43. Takano Masanori: Find suitable sensors for evolving mobile robots (2003)
  44. Masaaki Takahashi: Stock prediction using neural network trees (2003)
  45. Daisuke Ogino: Neural network learning with unbalanced training set (2002)
  46. Tomoyuki Ito: Rule extraction from neural networks (2002)
  47. Satoru Maeda: Prediction of Topix based on neural networks (2002)
  48. Takashi Murakami: Making a better robot simulator (2002)
  49. Gaku KEYAKIDANI: Effective Pruning to Generate Balanced Decision Tree (2001)
  50. Shingo MITA: Performance Evaluation of Multilayer Neural Networks (2001)
  51. Shigeru HARUYAMA: Create Small Decision Trees with Multiple Object Programming Based Genetic Algorithm (2001)
  52. Takaharu TAKEDA: Performance Evaluation Experiment of NNTree (2001)
  53. Nobuhiro OKAMOTO: Synchronous Parallel GA with Nearly Zero Sequential Computations (2001)
  54. M. Ikarashi: Co-evolution of two competitive robots (2000)
  55. Y. Takemura: Co-existence evolution of virtual creatures (2000)
  56. K. Ura: Learning of decision strategies of robots through co-evolution (2000)
  57. T. Endou: Learning of decision rules based on evolutionary algorithms (2000)
  58. S. Oka: Efficient design of decision trees through integration of GP and C4.5 (2000)
  59. Tetsurou Komatsu: Improving GP to avoid the premature convergence (1999)
  60. Toru Tanigawa : Improving GP to generate smaller decision trees (1999)
  61. Tatsuya Namatame: Increasing generalization ability of GP through multiple environments (1999)
  62. Keiichi Hirano : Effect of evolution parameters in GP (1999)
  63. Takuya Kouyama : A comparison study of selection methods in GP (1999)
  64. Erina Itou : Feature selection based on GP (1999)
  65. Makio Ishii: GA based optimization and neural network design (1998)
  66. Masanori Takamura: Neural network learning and realization on a DSP board (1998)
  67. Fumiaki Okuya: Neural network implementation using FPGA (1998)
  68. Atsumu Oshimo: Neural network implementation using FPGA (1998)
  69. Takayuki Yanagiya: Design of cellular automata based on GA (1998)
  70. Tsuyoshi Ito: A flexible model for character recognition (1997)
  71. Fumihito Matsuno: A fixed model for character recognition (1997)
  72. Teppei Suzuki: A study on the effect of preprocessing on character recognition (1997)
  73. Koichi Sakamoto: A study on image morphing (1997)
  74. Masakazu Ichimura: Neural network learning based on GA (1997)
  75. Keiichiro Asai: A study on neural network based character recognition (1996)
  76. Masakazu Kitamura: A study on preprocessing for handwritten character recognition (1996)
  77. Tomoyuki Suzuki: A study on automatic design of a simple OCR system for handwritten digits (1996)
  78. Mitsuyoshi Shirasaka: A study on invariant character recognition (1996)
  79. Masayuki Tetsuka: A study on visualization of IEA based concept learning (1996)
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