Research Interests of Qiangfu Zhao

The "KERNEL" of our research activities is machine learning, which is an important branch in artificial intelligence (AI). The learning models we are using include neural networks (NNs), decision trees (DTs), and some hybrid models. So far we have studied learning of distance-based neural networks (DBNNs), induction of neural network trees (NNTrees), and induction of nearest neighbor classification trees (NNC-Trees), and got many interesting results. Currently, we are especially interested in applications of machine learning to face pattern recognition, document classification and analysis, development of user friendly systems, authentication of card holders, and so on. So far, we have published many refereed papers in journals and international conferences. We have also filed several patents related to our researches. We welcome students who are interested in AI and its applications to join us. We also hope to have more chance to collaborate with industries.


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