Awards & Grants

        Best paper award, ICCE12, Hue, Vietnam

        5 research grants from ETRI, Korea.

        Chairman's Award presented by the minister of Korea MIC (highest award in grad. ceremony, Feb 2006)

        Scholarship for graduate study from DongAh Elecomm (2000-2002)

        Government scholarship for excellent students (1992-1997)

        Several awards in provincial competitions in maths, physics, chemics (high-school, 1992)


Awards of my advised students

        "Third place of best student papers" to Duc Nguyen (in annual IEEE Conf. on Consumer Electronics, Las Vegas, 2015).

        "ICCE Young Scientist Paper Award" to Duc Nguyen (by Japan chapter of the IEEE CE society, 2015).

        President Award to Huyen Tran (by University of Aizuís president, 2017).


Professional Activities

        Member of IEEE and IEICE

        Editorial board member of Korea Multimedia Society

        Member of Japanese delegation in Standards meetings of ISO/IEC and ITU-T (since 2011)

        Coordinator/reviewer of some standard activities of ISO/IEC and ITU-T

        Reviewer of various Journals (e.g. IEEE JSAC, IEEE CSVT, ACM TOMM, IEEE Sig.Proc., etc.)



       2002~now: Member of natíl delegation (Korea, now Japan) in standards meetings of ISO/IEC/ITU-T (attended >40 meetings worldwide, specialized in MPEG-4, MPEG-7, MPEG-21, MPEG-M, IPTV, HTTP Streaming)

       2006-2011: Senior Researcher at Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

       2001-2006: Research Assistant and Postdoc in Image and Video sYstem Lab (IVY), KAIST.

       1999-2000: Project engineer of Vietnam Datacom Company - VNPT (experienced with carrier-scale project development, e.g. IP Backbone networks, VoIP services, postal saving system, etc.)

       1997-1999: Satellite engineer of Vietnam Telecom International - VNPT (experienced with INTELSAT Earth-stations and related services like VSAT, IMMARSAT, terrestrial microwave links, television networks, etc.)


Participated projects (2001~2011)   

       2008-2011       Development of Open-IPTV Technologies for Wired and Wireless Networks, sponsored by Korean government.

       2007-2008       ENTHRONE (End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Terminals), a multi-national project sponsored by European Union

       2006-2008       Development of Advanced Transmission Technology for the Terrestrial DMB system, sponsored by Korean government

       2005-2006       MPEG Standardization Work on Scalable Video Coding, sponsored by ETRI

       2004                Study on Media QoS for Universal Multimedia Access Service, sponsored by ETRI

       2004                Environment-Adaptive AV Messenger, sponsored by Digital Media Lab, MIC (Ministry of Info. & Com.)

       2004                Study on Technology of DMB based Mobile Multimedia Applications, sponsored by ETRI.

       2002-2005       MPEG-21 Standardization Work, sponsored by ETRI.

       2002-2003       Ubiquitous Video, sponsored by Digital Media Lab, MIC.

       2001-2002       Visual Media Adaptation for Active and Touchable Media, Sponsored by Digital Media Lab, MIC.



-       Vietnamese (mother tongue)

-       English (good, TOEFL score of 630 in Jan. 1999)   

-       French (was good, now recovering :-P)

-       Korean (intermediate)



    Here are some pictures of mine.

 Some "informal" words about myself

My name in Vietnamese is Trương CŰng Thắng. I grew up and finished my schools in Thanh Hoa, a big province in the north of Vietnam. In 1992, for higher studying I moved to Hanoi, where I learned to handle myself difficulties in work and life (e.g. how to hide trembles when standing before girls). In late 2000, I came to Korea as a short adventure, but it turned out a long trip with many lessons. Now being a fresh PhD, I like pulling insights out of life&research. After all, though I may be "quiet" sometimes, believe me, a very important goal in my life is the friendship:-). 


        My favorite hobby is reading, with various topics. I also like playing/watching sports.

        I am an "old" moderator of the VietICU forum, an "arguing place" for Vietnamese students in Korea and abroad.

        Occasionally, I do some writings (sic!) about the goods and the bads encountered. Here in this link are some stories about places I visited (but all written in Vietnamese!)