Smart and Secure Energy Trading Method and System Project

Sub-Project 1: Off-Grid Energy Storage Solar Carport

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of distributed power generating units, flexible power consumers, and storage systems. A VPP balances the load on the grid by allocating the power generated by different linked units during periods of peak load.
Demand-side energy equipment, such as Electric Vehicles (EVs) and mobile robots, can also balance the energy supply-demand when effectively deployed. However, fluctuation of the power generated by the various power units makes the supply power balance a challenging goal. Moreover, the communication security between a VPP aggregator and end facilities is critical and has not been carefully investigated.
In this project, we collaborate with  Aizu Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. and Banpu Japan to develop an AI-enabled, block-chain-based Electric Vehicle (EV) integration system for power management in a smart grid platform based on EV and solar carport. We have developed a  low-power AI-chip and various software tools for EV charge prediction, in which the EV fleet is employed as a consumer and as a supplier of electrical energy.

Sub-Project 2: Trustworthy Campus Energy Trading Method and System

Energy trading policies are revolutionizing the efforts and policies geared toward addressing global carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Smart grids and electric vehicles (EVs) are energy-saving tools for efficient power management. Although EVs can act as both energy consumers and suppliers, the effort required to balance the energy supply and demand in typical centralized trading systems inevitably reduces trading reliability. Another challenge is distributing EVs’ energy rationally to achieve better demand response and energy utilization. This project investigates a secure block-chain-based energy trading system using the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) network. The system combines a blockchain of energy exchanges and a blockchain of EVs with the distinct transmission of energy requests and offers.

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  • 会 津大学エネルギー関係研究紹介, 京都工芸繊維大学様との意見交換会, 2022年10月27


D3 Z. Wang
, D2 Liang, B4 Yajima

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