AY 2024 Graduate School Course Catalog

Regular Courses
  D01 Research Ethics
  D02 Intellectual Property Utilization
  D03 Hot Topics and Surveys in Computer Science and Engineering
  D04 Career Design for the Doctoral Program
Field of Study CS: Computer Science
  CSA01 Neural Networks I: Fundamental Theory and Applications
  CSA03 Nature-Inspired Design
  CSA05 Formal Specifications of Processing
  CSA06 Computation Models: Term Rewriting Systems
  CSA08 Topics in Numerical and Applied Computation II
  CSA10 Theory of Automata and Languages
  CSA11 Advanced Analysis
  CSA13 Algebraic Systems and Combinatorics
  CSA15 Computational Physics and Simulation
  CSA16 Computational Superstring Theory
  CSA18 Theory of Stochastic Processes
  CSA19 Introduction to Human-Centered Computing
  CSA20 High Performance Computing
  CSA21 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  CSA22 Advanced Topics in Pattern Mining
  CSA23 Mathematics and Post-Quantum Cryptography
  CSC01A Information Security
  CSC02F Applied Signal Processing
  CSC03F Applied Statistics
  CSC04A Quantum Information
  CSC05F Computation Theory
  CSC06A Introduction to Metaheuristics
  CSC07A Advanced Graph Theory
  CSC08A Numerical Modeling and Simulations
  CSC10A Introduction to Measure Theory and Lebesgue Integration
  CSC11F Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Field of Study SY: Computer Systems
  SYA03 Special Topics in Computer Architecture
  SYA05 Analog VLSI Design
  SYA07 Modeling of Advanced Devices
  SYA08 System-level Design for Digital VLSIs
  SYA10 IoT Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
  SYA13 Fundamentals and Practices of Embedded Wearable Computing Systems
  SYA14 Neuromorphic Computing
  SYC01A MOS Device Modeling for VLSI Design
  SYC02A Design Automation for Digital VLSIs
  SYC06F Advanced Computer Architecture
  SYC07F Advanced Operating Systems
  SYC08A Introduction to Deep Learning Acceleration
Field of Study CN: Computer Network Systems
  CNA07 Optical Communications and Networks
  CNC01F Computer Communications and Networking
  CNC02A Advanced Networking
  CNC03A Selected Topics of Future Internet
  CNC05A Wireless and Mobile Networks
  CNC06A Performance Evaluation of Network Systems
Field of Study IT: Applied Information Technologies
  ITA01 Digital Audio Effects
  ITA03 Biomedical Modeling and Visualization
  ITA04 Finite Element Modeling and Visualization
  ITA06 Image Recognition and Understanding
  ITA07 Advanced Signal Processing
  ITA09 Human Activity Pattern Processing
  ITA10 Spatial Hearing in Virtual Environment
  ITA11 Technology-enhanced Language Learning
  ITA15 Speech Articulation and Acoustics
  ITA17 Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
  ITA19 Reliable System for Lunar and Planetary Explorations
  ITA24 Biomedical Imaging and Analysis
  ITA25 Biosignal Processing and Data Mining
  ITA29 Biomedical Simulation
  ITA31 Semantic Web Technologies
  ITA34 Practical Deep Learning
  ITA35 Learning Theory and ICT
  ITC01A Java 2D/3D Graphics
  ITC02A Introduction to Sound and Audio
  ITC03A Advanced Robotics
  ITC04A Modern Control Theory
  ITC05F Machine Learning
  ITC06A Introduction to Bioinformatics
  ITC07A Introduction to Biosignal Detection
  ITC08A Remote Sensing
  ITC09A Fundamental Data Analysis in Lunar and Planetary Explorations
  ITC10A Practical Data Analysis with Lunar and Planetary Databases
  ITC11A 3D Computer Graphics and GPU Programming
  ITC12A Introduction to Big Data Science
  ITC13A Advanced Topics in Data Science and Cloud Computing
Field of Study SE: Software Engineering
  SEA01 Parallel Distributed & Internet Computing
  SEA04 Declarative Programming
  SEA05 Numerical Ocean/Atmosphere Modeling with OpenCL
  SEA06 Model-Driven Software Development
  SEA11 Software Engineering for Space Programs
  SEA14 Quality of Software
  SEC01F Software Engineering
  SEC03A Software Engineering for Internet Applications
  SEC04A Programming Strategies and Software Development Tools
Field of Study PM: Project Management and IT Specialist
  PMA01 Cloud Computing
  PMA05 Business Ethics and Corporations
  PMA06 Effective Technical & Professional Presentations
  PMA07 Intellectual Property Management
  PMA11 Software and Cultures
  PMC01A Managerial Economics
  PMC02A Fundamentals and Practices of Project Management
  PMC03A Creativity Development: Approaches and Examples
  CFS Creative Factory Seminar
  EFP Effective Academic Research Presentation Seminar (Master's Program)
  EFP Effective Academic Research Presentation Seminar
  EPS External Presentation/Publication Seminar
  GVL ICT Global Venture Laboratory (Master's Program)
  GVL ICT Global Venture Laboratory (Doctoral Program)
  RPS Research Progress Report Seminar
  RPW1 Research Paper Writing Seminar I
  RPW2 Research Paper Writing II
  RS Research Seminar I
  RS Research Seminar II
  RS Special Research Seminar I
  RS Special Research Seminar II
  RS Research Seminar III
Leading Edge IT Specialists Program
  CP Conference Presentation Seminar
  CT Contest
  ES Educational Seminar
  PMR PM Research Seminar
  TS Tea Seminar
Thesis Research
  MT Computer and Information Systems Research
Project Development Arena
  PDA Project Development Arena I/II/III
  PDA Project Development Arena IV

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