Results of the ACM/ICPC Japan Regionals

The Japan Regionals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest were held over the internet with the participation of a total of 261 teams from universities and colleges in Japan starting at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 4. At the University of Aizu, 11 teams competed in the contest at Hardware Workshop 4 and 2 teams were selected for the Asia Regional Aizu On-Site Contest (hosted by the University of Aizu) scheduled from Saturday, October 25.
The ACM/ICPC contest, which marks its 33rd competition this year, aims to provide an opportunity for students around the world to interact and sharpen their programming skills. Each team composed of 3 members and 1 coach competed in the preliminary contest, and the 28 team in descending order of their scores will advance to the Asia Regionals by selection rules, including one wild-card team, and 7 non-Japan-based teams.
The teams from the University of Aizu to proceed to the Asia Regionals are "ActiveJ" (ranked 9th) and "Watch.c" (ranked 19th). Assistant Lecturer Watanobe of the Database Systems Laboratory, who coached both teams, expressed his hopes for the teams' chances in the Asia Regionals in October stating "As the host university of the Asia Regionals, our teams will strive to finish in the higher ranks."
5 members out of the 6 from the teams participated in the Asian Regionals last year. This shows the results of the University's organizational efforts for developing competitors for this type of contest. Mr. Kawamura, a 4th-year student from ActiveJ, who was the sole member participating in the Contest for the first time, said "I was very surprised to see other teams solving problems at their own pace. I am satisfied our team was able to achieve good results despite the fact that I joined the team in March of this year." Mr. Tayama, a 3rd-year student from Watch.c, has set a higher goal for his team at the Asia Regionals, saying "I was not able to perform to the best of my abilities because I was tense. My goal for the Asia Regionals is to make the World Finals."

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yTeams and Membersz
Mr. Jun Igari (3rd-year, Undergraduate School)Mr. Yuki Hirano (2nd-year, Undergraduate School)
Mr. Takayuki Shibata (1st-year, Master's program)Mr. Takashi Tayama (3rd-year, Undergraduate School)
Mr. Yoshihiro Kawamura (4th-year, Undergraduate School)Mr. Nobuyuki Wachi (3rd-year, Undergraduate School)

Scenes from the Japan Regionals

Teams advancing to the Asia Regionals
From the left in the front row:
Mr. Kawamura, Mr. Shibata and Mr. Igari
From the left in the back row:
Mr. Tayama, Mr. Hirano and Coach Watanobe