The University of Aizu Finished 4th at the ACM/ICPC Asia Regional in Aizu

The 2008 ACM/ICPC Asia Regional in Aizu (one of the Asian qualifying rounds for the World Final) was held at the University of Aizu for 2 days on Saturday, the 25th and on Sunday, the 26th of October.
Teams which had qualified in national contests in Asia advanced to the Asian Regional Contests after placing in preliminaries which took place in 15 countries in Asia. The winning team from each regional contest will advance to the World Final held in Stockholm, Sweden, in April of 2009.
The University of Aizu hosted one of the regionals held in Japan. A total of 35 teams, including 28 Japanese teams which passed the domestic contest this July and 7 non-Japanese teams, gathered to compete in this exciting contest which lasted 5 hours.
Teams from the University of Aizu which advanced to this contest were "ActiveJ," "Watch.c," and "YOIZON." Although they were not able to make the World Final, the University of Aizu had a team which enjoyed great success, ranking 4th behind the University of Tokyo, National Taiwan University (Taiwan), and Fudan University (China).

*ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
This contest is a global-scale programming contest for university/college students sponsored by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).
Each team participating in the contest consisted of 3 contestants from the same univerity/college and competed on the basis of accuracy and speed regarding programming within a period of 5 hours. The contest aims to provide univerity/college students with opportunities to sharpen their programming knowledge and skills and to interact with students from all over the world, and marks its 33rd competition this year since 1977.
Since 1988, Japan has hosted one of the Asian Regional Contests.
This year, the Asian Regional Contest held in Japan (the Asia Regional in Aizu, chaired by President Tsunoyama of the University of Aizu) took place at the University of Aizu for 2 days on Saturday, the 25, and on Sunday, the 26th of October. It was the second time for the University to host the regional contest since 2003.
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Team "Watch.c" guided the University of Aizu to 4th place