Achievements of research conducted at the University of Aizu to appear in "Science"

The June 2nd issue of "Science" (published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science,) one of the most highly respected scientific publications in the world, will include a paper based on achievements of research conducted by faculty members and students from the Multimedia Systems Laboratory at the University of Aizu.

Published papers include achievements of a research project which was jointly conducted by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and the University of Aizu, regarding shape recognition of an asteroid based on images taken by a telescopic camera loaded on the "Hayabusa" Spacecraft. These are the first papers that "Science" has included regarding research achievements involving research done at the University of Aizu.

Title of a major paper published in "Science," June 2nd issue: "Pole and Global Shape of 25143 Itokawa"

Authors (only those relevant to the University of Aizu):
Primary author: Hirohide Demura (Assistant Professor of the University of Aizu)
Co-authors: Naru Hirata (Assistant Professor of the University of Aizu, former COE Researcher of Kobe University), students (including those who graduated) from the University of Aizu (Shingo Kobayashi, Etsuko Nemoto, Naoya Matsumoto, Motohiro Furuya and Akira Yukishita)

Three other papers by the faculty members and students of the University listed above also appeared in "Science." (There were seven scientific papers related to the "Hayabusa" Spacecraft appearing in "Science" all together.)

research project team of the Univ. of Aizu

Assistant Prof. Hirata, Prof. Asada, Assistant Prof. Demura, and Mr. Yukishita, a student of the Graduate school, with models of the "Hayabusa" Spacecraft and asteroid "Itokawa". (From left)