Introductory classes at Mishima Junior High School as a model for accepting junior/senior high students on school educational trips to the University as a part of a program of Aizu Wakamatsu City

Preparation is underway to provide junior/senior high school students visiting the Aizu region on school educational trips with unique hands-on practice and experience at the University, in addition to giving them historical and cultural introductions in the region.
In preparation for the actual start of this program in April of next year, Mishima Junior High School has been chosen as a model case.
Professor Ota, Assistant Professor Otsuyama and 15 students from the University visited Mishima Junior High School on Tuesday, September 19 to give its students helpful information and hints on scientific approaches for themes Mishima students had chosen for their integrated studies. Our faculty and students gave introductory classes to Mishima students, as its second-year students are coming to the University on Thursday, October 19, 2006 on a school trip, during which they will work on their study themes, experience campus life, and have hands-on 3DCG practice at the University.
It was the first time for Mishima students to meet University staff, but they asked questions in response to explanations by our students and enjoyed these preparatory classes in a lively atmosphere.

Greeting students
Our staff greeting Mishima students

At the computer room
Practice at a computer room in Mishima Junior High School

At the library
Study at a library in Mishima Junior High School