Junior high school students experience the work place at the University

Junior high school students in the Aizu region came to the University to experience the work place.

Junior high students who came to the University for the experience were:

Their experiences at the University

Students from Aizu Wakamatsu 6th Junior High School (September 20)

To accommodate their preference to be engaged in assembling of computers, Associate Professor Kazuyoshi Mori of the Information Systems Laboratory accepted these students into his laboratory and helped them assemble a computer. Though they had had no experience in assembling computers, they worked hard from early morning and completed a computer by the end of the day.
Their next working day on October 18 will include a visit to the ISTC and homepage creation.

Moving computer parts
Students moving computer parts to be assembled to the laboratory

Attentive students listening to Associate Professor Mori's instruction

Tea time for refreshment
Good progress! Have a cup of tea for refreshment.

Final check
Final check. The work is almost done.

Students from Aizu Wakamatsu 2nd Junior High School and Nishi Aizu Junior High School

A total of sixteen second-year students from these two junior high schools had a research experience at laboratories. In order to understand work as university professors, they first visited Assistant Professor Rentaro Yoshioka for a lecture on the profession of university professors. Then they chose research themes for their two-day research program. They presented their achievements at the end of the program on the afternoon of the second day.
In addition to research experience, they had lunch at the University cafeteria and visited Associate Professor Robert Fujii at his laboratory, the Computer Logical Design Laboratory, to enjoy a demonstration of self-controlled robots.

Campus tour
Students on a campus tour

Lecture by Assistant Professor Yoshioka regarding the work as a university professor

Starting their research
Choosing research themes, students started working on their research

Practical research activities under instruction of Assistant Professor Yoshioka

Interesting demonstration of robots in a research interval

Presentation of achievements they made in the two-day program

Encouraging JHS students
Words of encouragement and comments by our students to participating junior high students