Students from Mishima Junior High School visited the University of Aizu as a model for accepting junior/senior high students on school educational trips to the University

Eighteen second-year students from Mishima Junior High School visited our University on Thursday, October 19 to have hands-on practice and experience at the University. The University of Aizu and Aizu Wakamatsu City Hall are jointly preparing for the actual start of this program.

Arriving at the University, students first attended an orientation meeting and a campus tour. Then, group by group presented results of preliminary studies they had done at their school on Tuesday, September 19. Following their presentations, our students involved in this program gave Mishima students follow-up instruction and advice. Having finished all these activities, the students attended English pronunciation classes at the LML and learned how the motion capture system works at UBIC. In the afternoon, they were able to experience creation of 3D Computer Graphics using workstations.

They first appeared overwhelmed by the academic atmosphere of the University, as it was their first visit to the University. But they gradually became adjusted to the environment through good communication with our students involved in this program, asking questions to our students, and having lunch together.

Welcome to the University of Aizu
Welcome to UoA

Students listening to advice given by our students regarding their preliminary studies
Presenting results of preliminaty studies 1  Presenting results of preliminaty studies 2

Learning through experience
Pronunciation class at LML  Motion capture system  Creation of 3DCG