Signing of an Agreement on University - High School Cooperation between the University of Aizu and Aizu Gakuho High School

The first agreement regarding on University - High School cooperation for the University of Aizu and the Aizu Junior College was concluded with Aizu Gakuho High School on Tuesday, February 20, 2007. At the signing ceremony, President Shigeaki Tsunoyama of the University and Principal Hisataro Yamanouchi of Aizu Gakuho HS signed the letters of agreement for exchange.

The purpose of this cooperation is to mutually provide information regarding intellectual fields and also to revitalize education, including the 4 main items as follows.

  1. Sending faculty members of the University to Aizu Gakuho HS as lecturers
  2. Accepting Aizu Gakuho students for Undergraduate courses at the University
  3. Opening of facilities for use
  4. Mutual exchange of education/research information and personnel

Based upon the agreement, a council is scheduled to be established to consult about specific plans for cooperative projects.

Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony
(Principal Yamanouchi of Aizu Gakuho HS is on the left, and President Tsunoyama of the University is on the right.)