Executive Commitee of the Aizu Computer Science School Reception of the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister's Award

The executive committee of the Aizu Computer Science School which hosts the "Computer Science Summer Camp in The University of Aizu" (hereinafter referred to as CSSC) annually in the summer, has received the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister's Award 2006 for Informatization Section of the Community Improvement Project. Assisitant Professor Ken Nakazawa of the University, a member of the commitee and the chairperson of Junior Chamber Aizu, attended the commendation ceremony held at Todofuken Kaikan, Tokyo, on March 14, on behalf of the University president, the chairperson of the committee.
The committee consists of 14 groups/organizations including the University, Aizu NPO Center and other companies, and has hosted CSSC since 1997 to provide an opportunity for junior and senior high school students to experience and enjoy computers and to become aware of their potential. The committee has also accepted participants from overseas (China), which held significant value for international exchange.
Evaluation for the commendation was based on the committee's successful operations for regional promotion by accepting international students to CSSC, and contribution to the local economy by starting up venture businesses in Aizu in collaboration with the University, companies, and local government.

Commemorative photos