◆ Annual Review 2001

Technical Reports List 2001

2001-1-001Takafumi Hayashi, Binary Sequences with Wide Zero Correlation Zone: Uncorrelated Raster Sequences, January 22, 2001. 7pgs.
2001-1-002Takafumi Hayashi, Synthesis of Sets of Binary Sequences Exhibiting Zero Correlation over a Wide Zone of Phase Shift: Shu??ed Sequences, January 22, 2001. 9pgs.
2001-1-003Takafumi Hayashi, Binary Sequences with Orthogonal Subsequences and Wide Zero Correlation Zone: Pair-Preserving Shufled Sequences, January 22, 2001. 11pgs.
2001-1-004Takafumi Hayashi, Application of Pair-Preserving Shufled Sequences to an ASCDMA/QPSK System, January 22, 2001. 10pgs.
2001-1-005Takafumi Hayashi, Two Dimensional Binary Pattern Exhibiting Zero Correlation over a Wide Range of Phase Shift, April 3, 2001. 5pgs.
2001-1-006Takafumi Hayashi and Atsushi Kara, Through put Improvement of AS-CDMA/QPSK Systems by using Pair-preserving Shufled Sequences, June 5, 2001. 7pgs.
2001-1-007Takafumi Hayashi, Limits of Correlation Function of Pair-Preserving Shufled Sequences, June 27, 2001. 4pgs.
2001-1-008Takafumi Hayashi, Two Dimensional Binary Sequences Exhibiting Diamond Shaped Zero Correlation Zone, July 12, 2001. 4pgs.
2001-1-009Kazuyoshi Mori, Parameterization of Stabilizing Controllers with Right-/Left-Coprime Factorizations, August 17, 2001. 6pgs.
2001-1-010Takafumi Hayashi, Elimination of Multi-path Interferrence for a Pair-preserving Shufled Sequences based CDMA/QPSK System, August 29, 2001. 7pgs.
2001-1-011Takafumi Hayashi, A NovelCDMA/QPSK System Using Uncorrelated Raster Sequnces, August 29, 2001. 4pgs.
2001-1-012Takafumi Hayashi, A New Class of Binary Sequence with Zero-Correlation Zone by a Symmetrical Construction, September 10, 2001. 5pgs.
2001-1-013Takafumi Hayashi A Class of Two-Dimensional Low-Peak White Noise Sequences, October 1, 2001. 5pgs.
2001-1-014Rentaro Yoshioka and Nikolay Mirenkov, Visual Computing within Environment of Self-explanatory Components, October 23, 2001. 30pgs.
2001-1-015Masahide Sugiyama, Fundamentals and Advanced Topics in Speech Recognition, December 4, 2001. 94pgs.
2001-1-016Takafumi Hayashi, ACDMA/QPSK System Using Binary Zero-Correlation-Zone Sequences, December 5, 2001. 6pgs.
2001-1-017Masahide Sugiyama, A Collection of International Publications of Human Interface Laboratory (2001), December 28, 2001. 94pgs.
2001-1-018Mostafa I. Soliman and Stanislav Sedukhin, Trident Processor A Three-level ISA for Scalar, Vector, and Matrix Computations, December 3, 2001. 16pgs.
2001-1-019Masahide Sugiyama, Proceedings of IPSJ Tohoku Chapter 3rdWorkshop at Univ. of Aizu (I) (Dec. 14, 2001), December 25, 2001. 100pgs.
2001-1-020Masahide Sugiyama, Proceedings of IPSJ Tohoku Chapter 3rd Workshop at Univ. of Aizu (II) (Dec. 14, 2001), December 25, 2001. 87pgs.
2001-2-001Vladimir V. Savchenko and Lothar M. Schmitt, Reconstructing Occlusal Surfaces of Teeth Using a Genetic Algorithm with Simulated Annealing Type Selection, March 2, 2001. 6pgs.
2001-5-001Jerold A. DeHart, Kenneth J. Cranker, Nancy Washburn, Luther Killebrew, and Jon Berman, What Do Corporations Need from the University? An Analysis of English Skills Needed by Computer Specialists in Seven Major Companies in Japan, October 15, 2001. 12pgs.
2001-5-002Kenneth J. Cranker, A Course to Prepare EFLComputer Science Undergraduates for Technical Writing, September 25, 2001. 15pgs.
2001-5-003Kenneth J. Cranker, A Valid Way to Test Language Proficiency Gained from Reading: A Cloze Test for Use in aFreshmanIntroductory English Class in Japan, November 7, 2001. 8pgs. 179