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Anh T. Pham

Professor, Head of Computer Communications Lab. (bio)

Deputy Director, Center for Globalization

University of Aizu

Office: 306-C Research Quadrangles

Tel:  +81-242-37-2791 (off-campus) / 2791 (on-campus)

Fax: +81-242-37-2750

Email: pham@u-aizu.ac.jp





Research introduction for GT2013-2014 students


My travel plan in 2016

Graduate school courses

CNC01: Computer Comunications and Networking (Fall, shared with Prof. Kurokawa)

CNA02: Multimedia Networking (Fall - Grad school, shared with Prof. C-T Truong)

CNC03 Selected Topics of Future Internet (Spring, shared with Prof. Tei, Guo, Kurokawa, Truong and Lei)

CNA04: Performance Evaluation of Network Systems (shared with Prof. S. Guo)

CNA07: Optical Communications and Networks (Winter -- now),

Undergraduate school courses

N1: Introduction to Computer Networking (Fall - old name: Communications & Networkign I)

N2: Communications and Networking II (Spring)

N3: Computer Networks Organization and Design (Spring)

0923: Computer Architecture Lab (Spring 2006, 2007)

0931: Communications and Networking (Fall 2005 to 2007)


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