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Last updated 9/16/2015

General Information

Objective of this workshop

This intensive workshop aims to train the talented persons who will support the planetary missions in future and to provide practical education for planetary sciences in Japan. The target participants are mainly the undergraduate students, graduate students and post-docs.

The topic is "The analysis of asteroid exploration data".The asteroids usually have very irregular shapes. Some techniques are required to map the geographical features on such asteroids. Recently, we acquired the analysis tools to simply deal with the asteroid observational data. In this workshop, we picked up the two tools: (i) "Small Body Mapping Tool" (SBMT) developed by APL/JHU and (ii) "AiGIS" developed by University of Aizu. The participants use both two tools. They learn and practice how to analyze the asteroid data.


Dr. Tatsumhiro Michikami, Kinki University
Dr. Olivier Barnouin, APL/JHU
Dr. Naru Hirata, University of Aizu


The University of Aizu (UoA), Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima 965-8580, Japan
Research quadrangle 3F, Room #M11 (See UoA campus map )

Wireless LAN internet access and electricity in the room are available.