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(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Years (April – March) Professor Role Title
2018–2021 Younghyon Heo P.I. Using Google Translate for Academic English Writing Instruction
2016–2021 Emiko Kaneko P.I. 困難度情報付き絵プロンプトの開発と、その特性のL2発話への影響
2016–2020 Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigator 英語到達度指標CEFR-J準拠のCAN-DO指導タスクおよびテスト開発と公開
2016–2019 Takako Yasuta, Younghyon Heo & John Brine P.I. & Co-Investigators 日本語版マンガ分析の英語教育導入:役割語分析のアカデミックライティングへの応用
2015–2019 Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigator 英語発話流暢性を向上させる語彙・文法指導
2015–2018 Younghyon Heo P.I. Improving English speaking with parsing training
2015–2018 Jeremy Perkins P.I. An Acoustic Typology of Creaky Voice
2015–2018 Debopriyo Roy, Takako Yasuta & John Brine P.I. & Co-Investigators 3D Printing in Creative Factory Contexts for English Language Learning
2015–2018 John Brine Co-Investigator 津波モデリングの教育と英語教育のためのサービス指向インフラストラクチャー
2014–2017 Younghyon Heo Co-Investigator Classification and linguistic analysis on natural disaster warnings
2014–2017 Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigator 成人に対する多読の有効性検証と大学アウトリーチ活動としての多読教育モデル構築
2014–2017 John Brine, Debo Roy & Emiko Kaneko P.I. & Co-Investigators Digital Storytelling for Computer Science Team Project Documentaries
2013–2015 Younghyon Heo P.I. Improving English Listening and Reading Comprehension via Using Visuals
2013–2016 Emiko Kaneko P.I. シャド-イングと誘出模倣のL2自発発話に対する影響の比較
2013–2016 Ian Wilson Co-Investigator Exploration of methods of teaching English rhythm based on acoustic and articulatory biofeedback
2013–2016 John Brine Co-Investigator WordBricks: Mobile Language Learning Microworld
2012–2016 Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigator 学習者コーパスによる英語CEFRレベル基準特性の特定と活用に関する総合的研究
2011–2014 Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigator Comparative study of comprehension and audience acceptance of oral presentation styles
2011–2014 Ian Wilson P.I. Visual speech recognition using ultrasound tongue and video lip/face images
2011–2014 John Brine P.I. English Lexical Tournaments for Computer Science Students in Internationalized mLearning Contexts
2010–2013 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Working memory training and its effects on oral proficiency in English: implications to automatically graded speaking tests
2009–2012 John Brine Co-Investigator WWW-based Ubiquitous Environment for e-Learning and High-Performance Computing
2008–2011 John Brine P.I. Globalizing Technical English Curriculum Design : Using Collaborative eLearning Tools
2007–2009 Debopriyo Roy P.I. Spatial Instructions for Designing Software Manuals for Non-native Speakers of English
2007–2009 Ian Wilson P.I. Japanese articulatory setting : Instrumental measurements and effectiveness in pedagogy
2006–2008 John Brine P.I. Project based elearning using Workflow and Digital Library

(Fukushima Prefectural Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Education)

Year (April – March) Professor Role Title
2018 Ian Wilson, Emiko Kaneko, & Kazuaki Yamauchi P.I. & Co-Investigators Preservation and deep learning of Aizu regional dialects
2013 Emiko Kaneko, Ian Wilson & Younghyon Heo P.I. & Co-Investigators Relationship between pronunciation and perception: Mysteries of Aizu dialect speakers
2012 Ian Wilson & Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigators Research on Aizu Dialect: Analysis of Structure of Interrogative Sentence and Phonetic Structure
2009 Ian Wilson & Emiko Kaneko P.I. & Co-Investigator Dialects of the Aizu Area: Digital Audio Documentation and Phonetic Analysis
2008 Ian Wilson P.I. Dialects of the Aizu Area: Digital Audio Documentation and Phonetic Analysis

(University of Aizu)

Year (April – March) Professor Role Title
2017 John Blake P.I. Online error detection and feedback tool for graduate theses
2017 John Brine, Debopriyo Roy & John Blake P.I. & Co-Investigators Graduation Thesis and Presentation Development through Student-produced Video
2017 Emiko Kaneko, Ian Wilson, Younghyon Heo, Takako Yasuta & Allan Nicholas P.I. & Co-Investigators Development of the UoA survival word list
2016 Younghyon Heo P.I. Basic Academic Writing Expressions for Japanese Learners of English
2016 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Development of effective picture prompts to elicit utterances from lower level learners
2016 Ian Wilson P.I. Assessing effects of speech-accent exposure on English word identification
2015 John Brine, Emiko Kaneko & Younghyon Heo P.I. & Co-Investigators A System for Awarding Points in the Digital Badges English-village
2015 Younghyon Heo, Takako Yasuta & Emiko Kaneko P.I. & Co-Investigators Developing a corpus of useful English vocabulary and sentence structures for Japanese computer science majors learning academic writing
2015 Emiko Kaneko & Younghyon Heo P.I. & Co-Investigator Enhancing Unique Features of UoA Short-term Study-abroad Programs
2015 Kim Rockell P.I. Interactive Composition to Support Japanese Learners' L2 Development
2015 Debopriyo Roy P.I. Physical LEGO Design for Robots and 3D Printing in Creative Factory Contexts for English Language Learning
2015 Ian Wilson P.I. Differences between Japanese and English underlying articulatory setting
2015 Takako Yasuta & Younghyon Heo P.I. & Co-Investigator Comics for L2 Paragraph Writing: How visuals can help EFL learners to understand paragraph structures
2014 Younghyon Heo P.I. Testing Japanese learners of English for their knowledge of English syntactic parsing and intonation pattern
2014 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Student Preparation for Overseas Technical Communication Program
2014 Debopriyo Roy P.I. Developing Usability Testing Facilities at the Technical Communication Laboratory, CLR for Usability Testing of English Language Learning Interfaces and Informational Websites
2014 Jeremy Perkins P.I. Sentence-Level Intonation in Languages with Contrastive Phonation
2014 Takako Yasuta P.I. Developing learner motivation and English language competence through Manga and pop culture
2014 Kim Rockell P.I. Practicing Lexical Chunks with a Music Looping App (Loopy)
2014 John Brine P.I. Digital badges support for English-village experiential language learning
2013 Ian Wilson P.I. Tongue Bracing in English and Japanese Speech
2013 Emiko Kaneko & Ian Wilson P.I. & Co-Investigator Neutralization by Aizu Dialect speakers: their perception and production
2013 Younghyon Heo P.I. Influence of picture questions on English reading comprehension in the Center Examination
2012 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Comparison between spontaneous L2 speech and the scores provided by two representative English speaking tests
2012 Ian Wilson & Emiko Kaneko Co-Investigators Analysis of the Syntactic and Phonetic Structures of Interrogative Constructions in the Aizu Dialect
2011 John Brine P.I. Grammatical highlighter for extensive reading on eReaders
2011 Emiko Kaneko P.I. The effects of working memory training on oral proficiency - Comparison between experimental and control groups
2010 John Brine P.I. Lexical support for extensive reading on eReaders
2010 Debopriyo Roy P.I. Studying the Efficacy of Concept Maps in Technical Communication Courses: Understanding Text Applications and Interface Richness
2010 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Working memory training and oral proficiency in English as a second language
2009 Ian Wilson P.I. Neural Network Based Real-time Pronunciation Evaluation System
2009 Emiko Kaneko P.I. Symposia on Global Citizenship
2008 John Brine P.I. International Business Writing using a Learning Management System and Flexible Language Acquisition Tools
2007 Debopriyo Roy P.I. Logistics of Setting up a Usability Laboratory at University of Aizu for Identifying Patterns in Multimedia Comprehension and Helping to Design Usable Product Interfaces
2006 John Brine P.I. Collaborative Learning in a Dynamic group Environment: Integrating Digital and Paper-based Media
2006 Ian Wilson P.I. Ultrasound for Dynamic Analysis of the Tongue in Pronunciation & Speech Research