AY 2024 Undergraduate School Course Catalog

General Education Courses
Humanities and Social Sciences
  HS01 Philosophy
  HS05 Literature
  HS06 Art
  HS07 Gender and Sexuality
  HS10 Economics
  HS11 Sociology
  HS12 Constitution of Japan
  HS13 International Relations
  HS16 Health Science
  HS17 History of Science
  HS19 Culture and History of Aizu
  HS20 Academic Skills 1
  HS21 Academic Skills 2
  HS22 Sociology of local community
  HS23 Economic Development
  HS24 Business Communication
  HS25 Business Strategy
  HS26 Venture Business Management
  HS27 Introduction to Psycholinguistics
Health and Sports Sciences
  SS01 Health and Sports Sciences Practicum 1
  SS02 Health and Sports Sciences Practicum 2
  SS03 Health and Sports Sciences Practicum 3
  SS04 Lifelong Sports Science Practicum
Language Courses
English Language Courses
  EN01 Introductory English 1
  EN02 Introductory English 2
  EN03 Bridge 1 to Intermediate English
  EN04 Bridge 2 to Intermediate English
  EN05 Intermediate English 1
  EN06 Intermediate English 2
  EN07 Advanced English
  EN08 Thesis Writing and Presentation
EG1 Global Experience Gateway
  EG101 Global Experience Gateway (RHIT)
  EG102 Global Experience Gateway (Waikato)
Other Language Courses
  JP01 Japanese Course for Beginners I
  JP02 Japanese Course for Beginners II
  JP03 Intermediate Japanese I
  JP04 Intermediate Japanese II
  JP05 Advanced Japanese I
  JP06 Advanced Japanese II
  JP07 Business Japanese
/EL1 Elective English 1
  EL102 Design of Human Languages
  EL115 Analysis of English Sentence Structure
  EL131 Language and Linguistics
  EL134 High Frequency Vocabulary
  EL144 Conversation Analysis and the Pragmatics of Spoken Interaction
  EL146 Corpus Linguistics for Language Learners
  EL152 Reading Fluency
  EL154 SDGs by Discussion
  EL155 Notetaking and Listening Skills for Academic Lectures in English
  EL156 Sociolinguistics: Language and Society
  EL157 Networking Skills in International Industry Environment
  EL160 Language Education in the Age of AI
/EL2 Elective English 2
  EL218 English Speaking and Presentation Skills
  EL244 An Introduction to Cross-cultural Communication
  EL248 Visualization and Storytelling in Data Science
/EL3 Elective English 3
  EL314 Experimental Methods and Statistics for Linguistics
  EL315 Content Management for IT Business
  EL317 Patterns and language
  EL318 ICT in Education
  EL321 Pronunciation: Acoustic Analysis Using Software
  EL329 Critical Thinking
  EL330 Computer Science Vocabulary
  EL331 Authorship Analysis using Python
Specialized Courses, Specialized Fundamental Courses
  MA01 Linear Algebra I
  MA02 Linear Algebra II
  MA03 Calculus I
  MA04 Calculus II
  MA05 Fourier Analysis
  MA06 Complex Analysis
  MA07 Probability and Statistics
  MA08 Applied Algebra
  MA09 Mathematical Logic
  MA10 Introduction to Topology
  MA11 Applied Geometry and Topology
Natural Sciences
  NS01 Dynamics
  NS02 Electromagnetism
  NS03 Quantum Mechanics
  NS04 Semiconductor Devices
  NS05 Thermodyn. and Stat. Mech
Computer Fundamentals
  LI01 Computer Literacy
  LI03 Intro. Comp. S&E
  LI04 Intro. Computer Systems
  LI06 Information Security
  LI07 Information & Occupations
  LI08 Information Ethics
  LI09 Fundamentals of System Development and Project Management
  LI10 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
  LI11 Intro. to Computer Networking
  LI12 Creativity Studio
  LI13 CSE Exercise I
  LI14 CSE Exercise II
  PL01 Intro.Programming
  PL02 C Programming
  PL03 JAVA Programming I
  PL04 C++ Programming
  PL05 Computer Languages
  PL06 JAVA Programming II
Foundations of CSE
  FU01 Algorithms and Data Structures I
  FU02 Information Theory and Data Compression
  FU03 Discrete Systems
  FU04 Logic Circuit Design
  FU05 Computer Architecture
  FU06 Operating Systems
  FU08 Automata and Languages
  FU09 Algorithms and Data Structures II
  FU10 Language Processing Systems
  FU11 Numerical Analysis
  FU14 Intro. to Software Engineering
  FU15 Introduction to Data Management
Specialized Courses, Specialized Courses
Computer Systems
  SY02 Electronics
  SY04 Embedded Systems
  SY05 Parallel Computer System
  SY06 VLSI Design
  SY07 Advanced Logic Circuit Design
Computer Network Systems
  CN02 Network Security
  CN03 Network Programming
  CN04 Wireless Networking
  CN05 Computer and Network System Modeling and Simulation
  IT01 Artificial Intelligence
  IT02 Comp. Graphics
  IT03 Image Processing
  IT05 Robotics and Automatic Cntr.
  IT06 Human Interface and Virtual Reality
  IT08 Signal Processing and Linear System
  IT09 Sound and Audio Processing
  IT10 Geometry for Visual Computing
  IT11 Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing
Software Engineering
  SE01 Web Engineering
  SE04 Advanced Software Engineering
  SE05 Software Studio
  SE06 Concurrent and distributed computing
  SE07 Introduction to Data Science with Python
  SE08 Introduction to Big Data Analytics
Other Courses
  OT01-I Basic Knowledge Course on Starting Up Ventures I
  OT01-II Basic Knowledge Course on Starting Up Ventures II
  OT02-1 Ventures Experience Workshops 1
  OT02-2 Ventures Experience Workshops 2
  OT02-3 Ventures Experience Workshops 3
  OT02-5 Ventures Experience Workshops 5
  OT02-6 Ventures Experience Workshops 6
  OT02-9 Ventures Experience Workshops 9
  OT04 Courses for the Information Technology Examination
  OT05 Career Design I
  OT06 Career Design II
  OT08 TOEIC Preparation Course (Level A)
  OT08 TOEIC Preparation Course(Level B)
  OT10 Extracurricular Activity Course II <Internship III (Dalian)>
  OT10 Extracurricular activity course II <Internship II (Domestic program A)>
  OT10 Extracurricular activity course II <Internship II (Domestic program C)>
  OT10 Extracurricular activity course II <Internship II (Domestic program D)>
  OT10 Extracurricular activity course II <Internship I (Regional program A)>
  OT10 Extracurricular Activity Course II <Internship III (Silicon Valley A)>
  OT11 ICT Ventures Startup and Management
Upper Division Courses Concerning The Teaching Programs
Upper Division Courses Concerning The Teaching Programs
  TE01 Introduction to Teaching
  TE02 Introduction to Education
  TE03 Educational Psychology
  TE04 Educational Curriculum Theory
  TE05 Educational Methods
  TE06 Mathematics Teaching Methods 1
  TE07 Mathematics Teaching Methods 2
  TE08 Mathematics Teaching Methods 3
  TE09 Education Methods of Mathematical Studies 4
  TE10 Information Science Teaching Methods 1
  TE11 Information Science Teaching Methods 2
  TE12 Moral Education
  TE13 Special Activities
  TE14 Student Guidance and Counseling
  TE15 Career Education
  TE16 Teaching Practicum 1
  TE17 Teaching Practicum 2
  TE18 Pre and Post Guidance for Teaching Practicum
  TE19 Educational Systems
  TE20 Teaching Practice Exercises (Jr & Sr High)
  TE21 Introduction to Special Education
  TE22 Teaching Methods for the Period of Integrated Studies
  TE23 Theory and Method for the use of ICT
Specialized Courses, Practical Projects
Practical Projects
  IE01 Integrated Exercise for Systems I
  IE02 Integrated Exercise for Systems II
  IE03 Integrated Exercise for Software I
  IE04 Integrated Exercise for Software II
Student Cooperative Class Project
  OT03-001 Practical Approach to Distributed Web Infrastructure
  OT03-002 Let's develop an application for the better campus life
  OT03-003 AI and Robot Ethics
  OT03-004 Lunar & Planetary Data Analysis, JAXA TANPOPO project on ISS
  OT03-005 Let's become a teacher !
  OT03-006 Machine Learning Techniques and Application to Recommender Systems
  OT03-007 Dramatic English Audibly Rendered by Students (DEAR STUDENTS)
  OT03-008 Korean language and pop culture 1
  OT03-009 Korean language and pop culture 2
  OT03-010 Digital Game & Local Event Project
  OT03-011 Intercultural Leadership Training with Practical Approaches
  OT03-012 Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking
  OT03-013 Development of competition robots
  OT03-014 Computer Science Summer Camp Course Ware Development
  OT03-015 Production of audio and visual contents using computers
  OT03-016 Develop communication skills and get business ideas
  OT03-017 A Peek Inside Computers
  OT03-018 A unique sport in Aizu
  OT03-019 Electronic Engineering Project
  OT03-020 Let's make AI models and run it on Raspberry Pi!
  OT03-021 Advanced Pattern Recognition using AI
  OT03-022 Korean IT and Culture Study
  OT03-023 Making a Tiny PC Using FPGA SoC: Basis of SW/HW Cooperative Design
  OT03-024 The correctness proof of programs and theories using computer
  OT03-025 Competitive Programming
  OT03-026 Practical Programming

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